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Upcoming Events

We continue to offer our Sunday presentations using a hybrid format. You may attend online or in person.. Register online below or from our home page.

These presentations are open to all interested persons, regardless of their level of experience or knowledge of psychoanalysis. For in-person meetings, there is no registration needed for the monthly presentations except where noted. If you would like to get CEs or CEUs, you can sign up for them at the reception table when you arrive when we resume in-person meetings.

Two social work CEUs and psychology CE credits are available. There is a fee for non-members.

*The Michigan Council for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists.  Click here to see our certificate. The Michigan Council for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy maintains responsibility for this program and its content.  

* None of the planners and presenters of this continuing education program have any relevant financial relationship to disclose.

Past events

8 Jun 2024 MCPP Annual Member Appreciation Banquet
19 May 2024 What if the patient-therapist relationship were (a bit) like infant-mother interactions? (Edward Tronick, Ph.D., Massachusetts)
28 Apr 2024 Passion and Melancholia, Red and Black: The Vicissitudes of the Sexual in an Analytic Process (Rosine Perelberg, Ph.D., London)
21 Mar 2024 Being Careful in Only a Perverse Way: The Use of Aesthetic Experience in Psychoanalytic Work. Presentation and Dinner with Dr. Steven Cooper, MPI's Visiting Professor
17 Mar 2024 Somatic Experiencing: Enhancing Psychoanalytic Holding and Containment for Complex Trauma and Dissociation (David Levit, Ph.D., ABPP, SEP, Amherst, MA )
18 Feb 2024 Relational Perspectives on Trauma: Brain- and Attachment-Based Expansions of Understanding (Estelle Shane, PhD., Los Angeles, CA)
21 Jan 2024 Nell--A Bridge to the Amputated Self: The Impact of Immigration on Continuities and Discontinuities of Self. (Hazel Ipp, Ph.D. Toronto)
12 Nov 2023 Working With Fairbairn's Object Relations Theory in the Clinical Setting (David Celani, Ph.D., Burlington, VT)
22 Oct 2023 Slip Sliding Away: Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical Practice (Stephanie Schechter, Psy.D., Cambridge, MA)
17 Sep 2023 The Fear of Immigrants: Xenophobia and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Usha Tummala-Narra, Ph.D., Boston, MA)
3 Jun 2023 MCPP Spring Banquet
21 May 2023 Irritating and Claustrophobic Objects: The Effect on Curiosity. (Anne Alvarez, Ph.D., London)
16 Apr 2023 Maternal Envy as Legacy: Search for the Unknown Lost Maternal Object (Jill Salberg, Ph.D., New York)
23 Mar 2023 Visiting Professor Dinner: Dr Howard Levine, MD., “The Necessity of Failure “
19 Mar 2023 Psychoanalytic Play: Improvising in the Emerging Dramatic Narrative of Treatment (Philip Ringstrom, Ph.D., Psy.D., Los Angeles)
19 Feb 2023 The Therapist as a Person:  How Our Early Experiences Determine Our Theory and Technique (Karen Maroda, Ph.D., Milwaukee)
22 Jan 2023 Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder in a War Trauma Survivor: A Case Study (Sheldon Itzkowitz, Ph.D., New York)
6 Nov 2022 Challenging the Motherhood Mandate: Clinical Explorations of Desire, Agency, and Subjectivity (Hillary Grill, M.S.W., New York)
16 Oct 2022 “Where All the Ladders Start”: Object Relations Legacies, Dissociation, and Playing (Stuart A. Pizer, Ph.D., Cambridge, MA)
18 Sep 2022 “A Shimmering Landscape: The Imaginative and Actual in Psychic Life” (Dodi Goldman, Ph.D., New York)
15 May 2022 The Sounds of Silence: Working with Erotic Dimensions of the Analytic Field(Dianne Elise, PhD - Oakland, CA)
24 Apr 2022 Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll : The Tasks of Adolescence (Seth Aronson, PsyD - New York)
27 Mar 2022 How Playing with Babies Made Me a Better Therapist (Beatrice Beebe, PhD - New York)
20 Feb 2022 On the Limitations of Love: Romance and Loss in Psychoanalysis (Steven Kuchuck, DSW - New York)
16 Jan 2022 Radical Ethics in Times of Plague (Donna Orange, PhD - Claremont, CA)
21 Nov 2021 Falling Out of the World: Traumatic Shock, Strangeness, and Afterwards (Alfred Margulies, MD - Boston)
17 Oct 2021 Playing, Mourning, and Becoming in Psychoanalysis (Steven Cooper, PhD - Boston)
19 Sep 2021 Emotional Connection at a Physical Distance: Phone vs Screen Treatment During Covid and Beyond (Julia Davies, Ph.D - Ann Arbor)
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