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Access Program

Welcome to Access, a program designed to make learning and training with MPC less financially burdensome.  There are three parts to this program, involving low cost supervision and psychoanalysis for professionals in the community and Candidates in our training programs:

1.  Low-fee supervision for non-candidates

MPC is offering one year of supervision at a fee of $25, provided by MPC Certified Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists and Analysts.  While clinicians may seek supervision from any member of MPC, a group of therapists and analysts have agreed to participate in this arrangement and accept this low fee for a year of weekly contacts.  Please see the list below for participating MPC psychotherapists and analysts – you may contact any of the people on this list yourself, or you may contact us for suggestions and recommendations.   Either of you would always have the option of refusing a particular arrangement based on availability or good “fit”.  Participants who wish to continue beyond the first year of weekly supervision sessions would need to renegotiate fees with their supervisor.  Interested participants, please click here for a brief form that you can send to Sonya Freiband, Ph.D., Please email or call her with any questions (734-761-4886).

2.  Low-fee supervision for Candidates

In order to encourage participation in our training programs, and also in order to support our current candidates, the Access Program enables anyone becoming a candidate at MPC to also have one year of supervision at $25/session with an analyst from the list below.  This means that Candidates can potentially use this benefit for two years - one year before becoming a candidate and one year after becoming a candidate in one of our training programs.  Current candidates may avail themselves of a year of supervision with an MPC-certified analyst who has elected to be part of this group.

Because candidates need 200 hours of supervision on analytic cases in order to graduate (roughly 4 years of supervision, if done one at a time), the Access Program provides up to the equivalent of three more years of weekly supervision for candidates, capped at a reduced fee (currently $85/week/case), offered by MPC-certified analysts who have agreed to participate in this program.  Lower fees can be negotiated by the candidate and supervisor, if both agree, and candidates can always choose to obtain supervision from an MPC-certified analyst who is not on the list (though potentially for a higher fee).

3.  Low-fee analysis for analytic candidates

Since a presumed impediment to undertaking analytic training is the high expense of undergoing a psychoanalysis, the Access Program places a cap on the fee for psychoanalysis for one year (currently at $85/session) for those who choose to become candidates at MPC, provided by MPC-certified analysts who have chosen to participate in this program (see below).  Lower fees can be negotiated by the pair, if both agree, and candidates can always choose to pursue analysis with an MPC analyst who is not on the list (though potentially for a higher fee).

Since candidates are required to be in psychoanalysis for at least 3 years in order to meet the program's requirements, the fee for sessions after the first year will need to be renegotiated by the analytic pair.  This potential change will be explicit from the start of the analysis so that both parties can make a reasonable decision about whether or not the arrangement will work over the entire course of the analysis before beginning to work together.



The following psychoanalysts are participating in the Access Program, and can be contacted to arrange either low-fee supervision or psychoanalysis:

Karen Baker, M.S.W.*

Julia Davies, Ph.D.*

Sonya Freiband, Ph.D.*

Jane Hassinger, L.C.S.W.*

David B. Klein, Ph.D*

Lynn Kuttnauer, Ph.D.**

Carol Levin, M.D.##

Reena Liberman, M.S.*

Brenda Lovegrove-Lepisto, Psy.D.#

Michele Rivette, M.S.W.*

Merton Schill, J.D., Ph.D.*

Ivan Sherick, Ph.D.*

Michael Singer, Ph.D. (analysis only)*

Lynne G.Tenbusch, Ph.D.*

Elizabeth Waiess, Psy.D.#


*Located in Ann Arbor

#Located in East Lansing

##Located in East Lansing and Bloomfield Hills

**Located out of the area – available for supervision by phone.

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