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Board Meeting Minutes  MCPP Board of Directors Meeting May 15, 2022

MCPP Board Meeting notes

May 15, 9-1030am

Virtual Meeting Via Zoom

Present:  Peter Wood, Shil Sengupta, David Freiband, Marybeth Atwell, Karen Weber, Linda Young, Lisa

Larson, Liam Faulkner.

Regrets from Beth Waiess, Eve Avrin, and Michele Rivette

President’s Report—Peter:

Initial focus on clarifying the Minutes from prior meeting.

Continuing Discussion (from prior meeting) with Respect to the “Future” of MCPP.

Overarching Issue brought up by Peter was whether it was in the best interest to dissolve MCPP given the various constraints faced by the organization.

The resultant discussion and solutions proposed were to preserve MCPP, at least for another year, but in a more limited capacity than it had

functioned previously. Another significant theme for the entire session was how different people on the board could take on different positions to satisfy

essential roles and functions to preserve MCPP.

Discussion with Respect to Frequency and Dates of Upcoming Meetings

1. We had decided in our last meeting that we would meet 3 times next year. Different suggestions for today: how to specify the intervals to meet. Consensus

was arrived at in terms of the following dates as well as intervals between meetings:

2. The Board as a whole decided on the following dates: September 18 2022 is officially the first meeting; February 19 2023 is our 2nd meeting date; then April 16

would be the next one. That seems acceptable to everyone.

Discussion of Board Members Taking on Different Positions To Satisfy Essential Roles and Functions of MCPP

There was engaged discussion to establish who was going to be in charge “of what” -- Shil volunteered to be the recorder, David will facilitate meetings,

Eve will step down from Treasurer but continue in a more modified role. Miriam volunteered to be head of programming, in a modified capacity,

to support David in taking on his role of president. This, in turn, would allow David Freiband to become president (without having to have the full duties of the two roles).

Discussion of How To Notify Membership of Specific Changes in the Function of the Organization

1. Key issue that was asked: how are we going to let membership know of changes happening with the function of this organization. Consensus

was arrived at with respect to the content of the letter/email going out to members of the organization.

2. Clarification of what to put on the ballot: David Freiband for president. Clarification: for one year —but if we need that for CEs, then he will keep it for

an extra year. Under action items, “to act as acting president to satisfy CE requirements” was discussed and clarified.

3. An issue that was brought up was whether to have David Freiband be both president and also “head of programming”; whether he is allowed

to have two positions given current by- laws. Or have Miriam nominally be head of programming. David Freiband emphasized that he only wished to

keep this position for one year and would only extend his leadership if this was needed to maintain CE credit standing.

4. Marybeth will check with Tamra with respect to the process of granting CE credits.

5. Marybeth suggested that she would send out a letter of the organization’s current status along with the letter.

6. Letter will go out saying this is the slate: you will shortly receive survey monkey with alternatives nominees.

7. Eve staying on as treasurer, David as president.

8. For Schwab account, as per Eve’s request, Peter is offering to provide his EIN as signatory.

9. Eve’s Schwab account social security account is connected with MPPC’s Schwab account. Jerry Brandell expressed reservation providing his

EIN for the Schwab account, per Eve’s request. Peter Wood is volunteering to provide EIN as needed. It was noted that Peter does not have to be in an

official board role in order to do this.

10. Secretary is no longer a board position.

11. Beth and Shil all have 2 years remaining on their terms as members at large.

12. Lisa and Linda are both co-chairs of membership.

13. Karen, the remaining member at large, is also in charge of the website.

14. Karen, Liam, Shil, Lisa, Michele, and Beth Waiess are all members at large (as of now)—but Lisa Larson’s term is ending. Since we don’t

have anyone running, we propose we keep this off the ballot. Miriam also volunteered to be member at large.

15. Ballot will be president Elect: David, Programs: David, Treasurer: Eve, and one-member at large position: Miriam (with one write in position for

all these positions).

16. Outcome of the election will be listed on the MCPP website—but those changes can’t be made until after July 1 to be made official.

17. Peter’s letter will entail the following: composition of board, function of board, frequency of board meetings.

Move to Make Change in By-Laws with Respect to Previous Item

Currently, move in change in bylaws: this year only, for one person to hold two positions and for clarification—this is not considered permanent change

in the bylaws. This was issue raised by Marybeth.

Discussion Regarding Allocation of Funds if Organization Were to be Dissolved

Discussion occurred as to where the money goes if we dissolve the organization: ½ would go to AAPCSW, and the other ½ to Division 39.

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