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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes November 20, 2021

November 20, 2021

Present: Jerry. Brandell, President, Marybeth Atwell, David. Freiband, Lisa Larson, Shil Sengupta, Elizabeth Waiess, Karen Weber, Peter Wood, Linda Young. Regrets:

Eve Avrin

October minutes were approved with the change of a typographical mistake.

President: Jerry Brandell - No report

Past President: Peter Wood – The MCP Foundation has funds to support MCPP educational projects like expensive speakers and

master classes. Efforts to contact the secretary have not been fruitful. Shil Sengupta will also try to make contact with her.

 Treasurer:  Eve Avrin – a report was sent in. Our financial position is robust.

Programs: David Freiband – The Henderson Room at the Michigan Union is reserved for 2022-23. Hybrid meeting at a recent

psychoanalytic conference were very successful, encouraging us to invest in the technology that would make it possible for us to host such meetings.

The upcoming Sunday meeting with Donna Orange needs some work if it is to qualify for CE credits. Several people are addressing this problem.

Membership: Lisa Larson and Linda Young – the Membership Committee is formulating letters to send out to solicit membership and membership renewals.

Website: Karen Weber – the website is in good shape.

Bylaws revision: Peter Wood - Several changes to the latest proposed set of revisions were suggested. Peter will write up the suggested changes for Board approval, after which changes will be sent to the membership for ratification.

Elections: Marybeth Atwell - The problem remains of how to invite continued participation in the Board. Marybeth will send out

nomination forms to the list serve. Personal outreach remains the most effective way to get Board participation.

New Business: Jerry Brandell - We need a forum and format to acknowledge members achievements, like publications and awards  Karen Weber will consult with Scott to see how this might be done on the web site, perhaps am “announcements and achievements” drop-down menu.

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