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Program for 2017-18

September 17, 2017      Objects in the Mirror: Finding Maternal Subjectivity in the Relational Paradigm

                                          Ellen Toronto, Ph.D.

                                          The Michigan League, Ann Arbor, MI


October 15, 2017        The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Therapy: The Talking Cure in the Era of

                                         Evidence-Based Practice

                                         Jonathan Shedler, Ph.D.

                                      Sheraton Novi Detroit Hotel, Novi, MI


November 19, 2017       In 2017, Can Psychoanalysis Be Defined?                                         

                                         Michael Shulman, Ph.D.

                                         The Michigan League, Ann Arbor, MI


January 21, 2018            The Psychodynamics of Male Pornography Use as Related to Childhood Trauma

                                              Michael Singer, Ph.D.

                                           The Michigan League, Ann Arbor, MI


February 18, 2018           Cognitive Fears and Psychoanalytic Phobias

                                               Bertram Karon, Ph.D.

                                            University Club, E. Lansing, MI


March 18, 2018                Winter Symposium - 9 am to 4 pm: 5 CEs available and registration is required. See announcement on the Home page.

Through A Prism: Multiple Perspectives on a Case

Corie Gould, Psy.D. 

Discussants: Karen Baker, M.S.W.; Robert Hooberman, Ph.D.; Julia Davies, Ph.D.; Evangeline Spindler, M.D.

Moderator: Peter Wood, M.S.W.

The Anderson Room in the Michigan Union, Ann Arbor, MI


In and Out of Psychosis by Beth Waiess, Psy.D. has been postponed to November 18, 2018                                      


April 15, 2018                   Sexual Secrets: Our Mystery Composer's Crushing Torment

                                               Evangeline Spindler, M.D. and Neal E. Elkin, M.D.

                                               The Michigan League, Ann Arbor, MI


May 20, 2018                   Mommie Dearest: The Induction of Illness in an Adolescent Girl

                                          Jane Alexandra Kessler

                                          The Michigan League, Ann Arbor, MI


June 2, 2018                    Annual Banquet

                        Ann Arbor - Mediterrano Restaurant

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