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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes September 2016

Michigan League

Ann Arbor

September 18, 2016



Present:  Freiband, S, Freiband, D., Rudy, Larson, Wood, Klein, Hooberman, Warren, Hutchison, Liberman

Minutes of June 4, 2016 approved

President-Freiband, S.

Welcoming Warren as Treasurer and Wood as Member-at Large

Goals for this Academic Year

  1. Working on gaining approval for CE’s for Psychologist
  2. Growing membership
  3. Encouraging more participation of members-volunteering for positions, teaching classes, supervisors for the Access program.
  4. Maintaining Training Program
  5. Finding VP Training and VP Certification

Access Program is attracting new Masters level Psychologists who need supervision

Budget:  Those who have programs who receive monies should bring in budgets for next meeting.

Past-President-Klein-Symposium-March 19—Michigan Union—Ann Arbor, Time TBD.  Suggested title—“Growing Practice, Career, Self”.  Further planning by committee.


Treasurer-Rudy—Board welcomes Warren and expresses appreciation for Rudy’s contributions.

Meeting and advertising costs-- Advertising consumes about 19% of budget. 

Net worth is stable.

Membership-Larson—105 members, many new ones are students and new professionals.  Proposed an e-newsletter.  Board is supportive.  Klein suggests she contact Burgermeister to ensure no overlap with Bulletin.  Larson suggested removing case consultation group off the website as it is not active.  Also put forth the idea of developing “pop-up” meetings and other social events.

Education and Training—Freiband, S.  Development class has 11 members, Shakespeare has 3; case conference did not have sufficient enrollees.  Gender class scheduled for January.

Motion: $100 honorarium given to all instructors—Passed.

Programs-Freiband, D. –Discussed room costs in E. Lansing.  He will take a look at Union to determine suitability. 

Candidate Rep—Rudy-no report

CEU’s for Psychologist—Hutchison—Responded to request for more information. 

Visiting Professor-Hooberman.  Tony Bass is likely.  We should have the meeting on Thursday evening.  Correction—9/19/16-Fred Busch, Ph.D. is Visiting Professor, Feb. 27-March 4, 2017.

Web-site—Liberman—Switched to new hosting company that is very helpful.  Paypal is working well.  Membership directory is online but she needs more responses for members if they want to be listed in therapist directory.  Budget—the changes require increased spending of $1846.  No further large expenditures are expected. 

MPC Foundation-has about $2500 and more money is needed to support Access Program.  Suggested that $10000 transferred from Development Fund to Foundation to fund Access Program and to facilitate fund-raising. 

Motion--$10,000 to be moved from Development Fund to Foundation.

Friendly amendment—Hooberman—That allocation be divided into two $5000 increments, timing determined by Liberman.  Motion passed 10-2



Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted.

Robert Hooberman

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