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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes September 2015

Michigan League

Ann Arbor, MI

September 20, 2015

9am –10:30am

Present:   Sonya Freiband, David Klein, Michael Rudy, Ralph Hutchison, Lisa Larson, Robert Hooberman, Marilyn Frye, Maryanne Beltzman, Peter Wood, Alice Michael

1.  Secretary:  A. Michael

The minutes of the meeting of May 2015 were approved.


2. President:  S. Freiband

 Aims for the 2 years of her Presidency:

  1. To revive the training program - perhaps as a leaner, more focused program
  2. Fill the training director role - board to function as training director at present
  3. Increase membership
  4. Generate and implement fresh ideas for outreach/networking
  5. Position MCPP as a resource for CEUs for psychologists now required by the state of Michigan.   Began to discuss details of the process of becoming credentialed to offer credits, and identify a committee to work on the application.  Hutchison, Beltzman, and Symer expressed willingness to join a committee.  Plan to consult Liberman regarding past applications/opportunity to borrow existing content.  Plan for committee update at next meeting.
  6. Thank you to David Freiband for agreeing to chair the Programs, M Frye as a side-kick source of help.
  7. Name change:  Rudy reports on an amendment that needs to be filed with the state to change the name with the state of Michigan.  Rudy to follow up on this.
  8. Logo:   Discussion of pros/cons of a logo change.   Elaine Medrow and Juoulianna as possible resources to generate ideas.  Logo to express a sense of “forward-looking/progressive”and not confuse us with other organizations.  General sense of interest in exploring alternate logos:  idea to have membership generate logos and vote within the membership as an appealing option to many board members.
  9. Website updates to reflect name changes - Liberman and Joulianna.
  10. Open positions:  training director, certification, (side issue of timing/necessity of progression forms), president elect, members at large (1 position open).  Hatton continues as registrar.
  11. Retreat planning - banquet held as a part of the retreat.  Need to set a date (typically beginning of June - tentative date June 4-5) and a committee to plan it.
  12. Access Program:  Updates - no current plan for supervision group as nominated by Hassinger/Symer.  Symer is proposing to run a 6 week supervision group in October.    Online payments are going well for supervision.   Currently 6 supervisors, 7 supervisees, 2 new supervisors joining in.  Present need for supervisors to have child/adolescent experience.   Broader question of how to bring people into MCPP from points of Access program, and marketing outreach thoughts.   Some specific point of involvement for people in the Access program, brainstorming ways to continue its success.
  13. Outreach/Advertising:   Enlist board membership to take flyers to agencies, and to report back on where they were successful in distributing flyers.

3.  President Elect: vacant

4.   Past President:  D. Klein

D. Burgermeister asked Klein to distribute information and request a budget approval from the Board to fund the publication of the MCPP Bulletin.  Motion “to approve the budget for the Bulletin of $2500.”  Motion passed.  Brief discussion of its ongoing importance to the organization.

5.  Treasurer:  M Rudy

-    Updates about current state of the budget and financial profile of the organization

-    Expenses and cash flow statements:  generally solid

-    Sept - Aug fiscal year profile

-    Hooberman:  St Joes next year would be at no cost for room use (food costs only).

-    Update on the missing checks issue, which were found, and plans to address these issue within the organization and how to acknowledge this with those whose checks were lost.  Board expressed support of and appreciation to Rudy.

-    MPF fundraising letter as an example of things our foundation may want to consider.

-    Question of $300 to IFPE (International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education).  Benefit of affiliation with the organization discussed and tabled as in need of further consideration.

-    Process of updating our name change with the bank. 

-    Purchase of a HGMI/VGA adaptor for the presentations.   


6.    Membership:  Lisa Larson

-     Updates plans for upcoming event on October 4th from 10:30am -1pm

-     2 papers being presented by recent graduates. 

-     CEUs for social workers, advertising has been robust

-     Membership considerations:  “what do I get for my membership”and need to organize ourselves about this question and its answers.

-     Vote:  “Request for approval for budgetary approval for $500-700 for student presentation conference.”  Approved by the board. 


5. Education and Training:

-    Karin Ahbel-Rappe to teach basic concepts class this winter

-    Wish to find someone to teach Psychopathology, Symptom Development & Assessment course for the spring

-    L. Tenbusch is planning to teach in the winter - Wood to follow up on details for this.

-    Rental of $250 for office space for the Basic Concepts course raised for vote, approved by the Board.


6. Programs: David Freiband

- Brief presentation of the overview of the Programs for this year, and minor changes (eg, amount of food at venues) at this time.     

7. Certification:  Liberman

8.  Candidate Representative:  Rudy         

9.  Committee Reports:

501(c)3: Reena Liberman 

Membership: Lisa Larson - presented above

Visiting Professor: Robert Hooberman

Professional and Community Development: (vacant)

Website: Reena Liberman

Elections: Marybeth Atwell 

CEUs: Marybeth Atwell (interim)

Accreditation: Karen Baker

Registrar: Rebecca Hatton

Bulletin: Diane Burgermeister

Newsletter: Lisa Larson

Gender and Diversity: Ellen Toronto

Parliamentarian and Bylaws: Elizabeth Waiess

Ombudsperson: Lynne Tenbusch

MPC Members-At-Large:  

MaryAnne Beltzman

Marilyn Frye  Robert Hooberman

Ralph Hutchison  Lisa Larson 


Old Business/ New Business:  None.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 am. 


NOTES respectfully submitted by Alice Michael, board secretary.

Note:  it is MCPP policy that Board meetings are open to all MCPP members.  Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MCPP members may speak at meetings, time permitting.

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