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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes October 2018

Michigan League

Ann Arbor, MI

October 21, 2018

9am – 10:30am


1) In Attendance: Sonya Frieband-President, Peter Wood-President Elect,

Keri Warren-Treasure, David Frieband-Programs, Marybeth Attwell-Elections,

Members-At-Large: Ralph Hutchison, Karen Weber, Lisa Larson, Brian Ashin,

Mary Nowack, Margaret Sweet.


2). Sonya reporting on retreat June 1, 2019. Need site. Alice, Peg and

Marybeth agreed to be on Search Committee. Peter suggested Genoa

Woods as possible venue.


3). Treasurer’s Report: Keri Warren

Presented statis of portfolio

Discussed fees charged by PayPal, Visa, etc.

Peter made motion to raise fees X $15.00 for Membership, Analysts and

Psychotherapy fees to begin 2020. Seconded and passed.


4). Membership Report: Lisa Larson

Dues email sent out for 2019. Some members did not receive email-spam?

Budgetary concerns related to name tags and printing costs.

How to clean up the mailing list-needing clarification.

Brief discussion of how to enrich offerings for current and future members,

e.g. Study Groups, Movie Night, Discussion of Articles.


5). Education and Training: Peg Sweet

Discussion regarding the satisfying of requirements for CEU’s of respective

professions, particularly that of Ethics in light of segmenting of courses.

Need for evaluation of each segment and at end of course.

Peter and Peg agreed to collaborate on this.


6). CEU’s for Social Work and Psychology: Marybeth- need a better system

for trainees to sign in as proof of attendance re: CEU’s, particularly in the

case of long distance learning. TBD.

Ralph reports APA accreditation remains in force even as the work around

compliance with standards continues.

It was decided upon a way to divide up the 5 hour of ethics to assure

the requirement will be met.


7). Peter led a discussion about increasing stipends. Brian suggested a

“mini” retreat to discuss more fully. Peter and Peg agreed to develop a


December 2 decided upon as date for retreat.


8). Programs: David Frieband

Presented budget- anticipated expense of $10,000.00 to cover costs of

March Symposium and May, 2019 speaker on Child and Adolescents, TBD.

Peter, Karen and Dave to meet to plan Symposium.


9). Committee Reports: Robert (in absentia)

Neville Symington, dinner and presentation, Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

6:00 to 9:00pm Mediterrano’s


10). Website: Reena (in absentia)

Budget- spent $405.64 in 2018. $1,000.00 approved for 2019.


11). Election: Marybeth

Open positions were discussed:

President Elect, 2019-21

VP for Training and Education , 2019-21

VP for Certification, 2019-21

VP for Programs, 2019-21

Recording Secretary, 2019-22

Treasurer, 2019-22

Three Members at Large Positions

Ballots will be sent out late November with election held in January, 2019.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30 with intent too discuss new business at next



Respectfully submitted: Brian Ashin.

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