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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes October 2015

University Club

East Lansing, MI

October 18, 2015

9am –10:30am

Present:   Sonya Freiband, David Freiband, David Klein, Michael Rudy, Ralph Hutchison, Robert Hooberman, Marilyn Frye, Peter Wood, Alice Michael


1.  Secretary:  A. Michael:

The minutes of the meeting of September 20, 2015 were approved.


2. President:  S. Freiband

  1. Open positions:  Debra Hutton PhD is interested in the member at large position. Brief review of her credentials and professional endeavors - (currently in Dearborn, trained at Case Western/Hanna Perkins).  Board approved the nomination for the 2015 - 2018 position.  Motioned by S Freiband, seconded by D Freiband.
  2. APA certification for CEUs:  Hutchison reviewed the process of application and questions/issues identified so far.  App deadline 2/19/16, application fees and annual fee to maintain credentialing. Question of applying in connection with MSPP - need to investigate the pros/cons, Hooberman offered to discuss with MSPP representative (B. Dauphin). Noted need for specifying educational objectives and listing of organizational affiliations and possible dual relationship conflicts and potential solutions.  Proposed a timeline for the process of the application.
  3. Updates provided regarding sending flyers to contact agencies.  Calls have come in to inquire about training programs.  Supervision groups for new social workers as a possibility (contact at the women’s center).
  4. New logo considerations: L Larson investigated graphic design students who could work on it.  Case was made to keep the logo as is -  as a way to keep easy recognition of the organization.  This met with general consensus to change font of (MCPP) but not change the logo at this time.
  5. Foundation:  Raised question about the process of the transfer of funds between the organizations - development fund transfer to the foundation is needed in order to pay Access expenses.  Plan to discuss with Liberman.
  6. Update on the Access program and possibility of a group to gather the participants for feedback.
  7. Retreat planning:  M Frye to consider working towards building a committee.

3.  President Elect: Vacant


4.   Past President:  D. Klein  —no report


5.  Treasurer:  M Rudy

  1. Application submitted to the state regarding organization name change
  2. Cash Flow:  normal for this time of year - overview of the cash flow cycle
  3. Taxes:  Follow up with Susan to discuss the tax implications for the year.
  4. Expenses:  Notes the attention to budget from those who are spending on behalf of the organization and appreciation of this.  Board noted that Rudy has helped to shape the culture in a positive direction.
  5. Sent letters to the individuals involved in the un-cashed checks.  One check received.

6.  Membership:  Lisa Larson  (not present):  S Freiband on her behalf

Student presentation on Oct 4th:  well attended and rich discussion.  Shared ideas about ways to offer this as a regular event within MCPP.


7. Education and Training:  vacant

-     Issues of student interest in the winter course, need for course to be disseminated to generate students.

-     Psychopathology course is seeking instructor.  Momentum could develop through the winter courses.


8.  Candidate representative:  Rudy

- experience of loss within the candidate pool - “wish for playmates”


9. Programs: David Freiband  

-    Budget ideas about use of funds to offer Programs - where it is/is not worth cutting costs.  (distributed handout of meeting costs and options).   Agreement that not purchasing fruit at UM is a reasonable cost saving measure.  Raised AV question: bring our own vs use the facility system.  Rudy discussed investment costs, and willing to investigate the options and costs.  Venue costs:  St Joes was less than ideal as a venue and no longer an appealing option.  MSU student union as a place to check into.  Klein:  programs as a valued and consistent resource within the organization, so perhaps no need to alter expenses.  Idea of a donation box available at the meetings.

-    Need for program offerings for 2016-2017 year - ideas to recruit papers.  Opening in Feb for 2016, as well as a need for a paper to fill the Lovinger Child meeting spring 2016.   Next fall could be a new professionals meeting. 


10. Certification:  Liberman


11.  Committee Reports:

501(c)3: Reena Liberman 

Membership: Lisa Larson

Visiting Professor: Robert Hooberman

-    Venue inquiry —Mediterrano was deemed a good option.

Professional and Community Development: (vacant)

Website: Reena Liberman (not present - S. Freiband presents):

- Requests funds of $1000 for website updates.  Fearless Networks continues as the service; they now host the website.  $370 is final payment for the upgrade, balance is for anticipated maintenance.   Brief comparison to last year.  S. Freiband made motion to approve the $1000 budget request for website.  Hooberman seconded. Passed unanimously. 

Elections: Marybeth Atwell 

CEUs: Marybeth Atwell (interim)

Accreditation: Karen Baker

Registrar: Rebecca Hatton

Bulletin: Diane Burgermeister - not present, brief update by S. Freiband:

The publication process for this year’s bulletin is coming along -  expects it to go to publisher by the end of the month. 

Newsletter: Barbara Gamble

Gender and Diversity: Ellen Toronto

Parliamentarian and Bylaws: Elizabeth Waiess

Ombudsperson: Lynne Tenbusch


MPC Members-At-Large:  

Marybeth Atwell  MaryAnne Beltzman

Marilyn Frye  Robert Hooberman

Ralph Hutchison  Lisa Larson 


Old Business/ New Business:


Meeting adjourned at 10:25 am. 

NOTES respectfully submitted by Alice Michael, board secretary.

Note:  it is MCPP policy that Board meetings are open to all MCPP members.  Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MCPP members may speak at meetings, time permitting.

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