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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes November 2020

11/15/20, 9:00 a.m.

PRESENT: Wood, D. Freiband, S. Freiband, Nowak, Goldstein, Brickman, Young, Larson, Sengupta, Weber

Minutes of previous meeting approved by acclimation.



Peter Wood reported his optimism regarding the future of the organization, in light of the fact that administrative positions have been filled for the next terms, as follows:

Incoming President: Jerry Brandell – who has indicated a particular interest in revitalizing the training program

Treasurer – Eve Avrin will continue in this position

Membership Chair – Linda Young

Program Chair – David Freiband will continue, with assistance from Liam Faulkner

Education Chair – remains uncertain, though Sonya Freiband has agreed to continue until another chairperson comes forward

CE’s – Mary Nowak and Miriam Goldstein will manage CE’s for psychology, Tamara Frye will manage CE’s for social work

Website – Karen Weber will gradually assume management over the website, with transition assistance from Reena Liberman

Past President:

Sonya Freiband has explored options for next year’s banquet, planning on a June 21 date, but has found no options that are planning that far into the future at this time.  She notes that if necessary the banquet could be pushed back to early fall.


Lisa Larson noted that now that we know that the organization will survive, we can again be soliciting membership.  Sonya Freiband agreed that it may be advisable to send out membership letters right away.  Art Brickman noted that such letters might include information about the incoming leadership, their plans for the organization, and the upcoming Solms conference. 

Lisa Larson raised a question regarding digital vs. paper fliers, and digital vs. paper payment.  Sonya Freiband noted the importance of keeping track of what incoming payments are paying for—membership, classes, programs—as well as accommodating those who have reservations or difficulties with digital payment.

Linda Young recalled some of the history of this organization and others in this area, and sought assurance that the perspective of the organization regarding membership is not strictly for analytic certification, but rather more broadly for training in and exploration of diverse analytic perspectives.  Sonya Freiband confirmed that training and education always have been distinct activities within MCPP.  Art Brickman suggested that Linda Young and Jerry Brandell should talk to ensure that their perspectives are aligned, given Brandell’s expressed interest in training.

David Freiband noted that regarding membership, he has learned a great deal about expanding membership from the model used by the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (CCPP), and is happy to collaborate with Linda Young in becoming more fully informed as to whether such a model would be appropriate for MCPP.


Sonya Freiband noted that the class is ongoing, but no further classes have been planned due to the uncertainty up to this point regarding the viability of the organization.  Now that this issue has been resolved, further planning is possible.  Peter Wood suggested that further planning be deferred until Jerry Brandell is present, particularly given his specific interest in this area, and the Board agreed that Brandell should be present for all future Board meetings.

Miriam Goldstein asked about potential relations between MCPP and other certifying organizations.  Sonya Freiband and Peter Wood said that past attempts have not worked out for various reasons, including the necessity in some cases of changing the basic model of our organization to accommodate certifying organizations.


David Freiband is looking into speakers for next year.  He has some people in mind, and is looking for other suggestions.

Art Brickman reported on the status of the Solms conference.  He indicated that the registration online flier is prepared, and that Reena Liberman had requested that we hold off forwarding it to her for uploading until after today’s conference.  Brickman also reported that Miriam Goldstein will be providing the case material for the Solms conference.  David Freiband suggested promoting the conference more widely, including via various academic listserves.

David Freiband raised the issue of the use of passwords to admit people to future online programs, and said that CCPP uses a system that requires only the entry of the registrant’s email address as a password.  He said he would look into the feasibility of our adopting such a system.

David Freiband noted that the Jamieson Webster program in January is being co-sponsored with CCPP, and will be aired through their website, to which MCPP attendees will be referred upon registration.

Linda Young raised the question of ongoing access to future meetings online, post-pandemic.  Sonya Freiband noted that this could be looked into, but there are certain potential administrative problems, including possible restrictions for CE’s for online meetings.

Next Meeting:

Peter Wood reported that the next program, featuring Jamieson Webster, Ph.D., is scheduled for Friday evening, Jan. 15, 8:00 – 10:00 p.m..  He suggested that January’s Board of Directors meeting be scheduled for the following Sunday, January 17, at 10:00 a.m.; that timing was confirmed by the Board.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Arthur Brickman

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