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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes November 2019

The University of Michigan
North Campus Pierpont Commons—Boulevard Room Ann Arbor, MI



Sonya Freiband, Shil Sengupta, Eve Avrin, Karen Werber, Lisa Larson, David Freiband, Mary Nowack, Brian Ashin, Ralph Hutchison

President’s Report—Peter, by Sonya:

Book donations: Peter has found someone to take the books he was donating

PsiaN conference: packets will be going out to PsiaN in December to advertise MCPP

The search for an MCPP president elect continues

The yearly drive for donations to The Michigan Psychoanalytic Council Foundation for the Access program is in effect and letters were distributed

Access program: reminders given that supervisors must be certified by MCPP

Financial Report—Eve:

Cash flow and balance report for the last month from MCPP bank accounts, paypal and Schwab portfolio investments was distributed. Schwab accounts still in the process of being transferred to Eve, awaiting Peter’s signatures on forms, which were mailed to him on November 15.

MCPP Board of Directors social events: Eve has made arrangements with the tour group Feet on the Street in Detroit for a “strolling brunch” and art and architecture tour on Sunday April 5, 2020. Tickets are $35 each and are non refundable. Please reserve with Eve by December 15.


New fees for 2020: Membership and certification fees will be increased by $15 and late fees still

st apply after January 1 .

Discussed mailings being returned because of people moving. Agreed these people need to be removed from the mailing list. Possible administrative assistance to help with this task was explored.

Recruiting members: ideas about reaching out to the other professionals to draw them in and take an interest in our unique organization that offers psychoanalytic education and training was briefly touched upon.

Education and Training –Sonya:

The course is going well, and next year the same course will be offered again. There was discussion about pop up courses, for example, on the subject of countertransference, as well as Perspectives and Cases, which we’d hoped to run this year.


Presentations: The 2020 line up for the monthly Sunday presentations is set in place. Psychologists/psychoanalysts from Maryland, Chicago, and Toronto are among those presenting. Our next presentation on January 19, 2020 is by Shoshana Ringel, PhD. Linda Sherby, PhD from Florida will be presenting in September 2020. David has agreed to a $1,000 compensation per her request.

Venues: future venues for Ann Arbor meetings and presentations will be the Michigan League and North Campus Pierpont Commons. The Lansing meeting/presentation on 2/16/2020 will take place at The MSU Union, but alternate options for Lansing next season are being considered, possibly Okemos.

New Business—Ralph:

Program in Monroe: In the interest of promoting psychoanalytic theory and treatment for psychosis in Monroe, Ralph requested that MCPP sponsor CE credits for presentations, or a pop up program that he and Rebecca Hatton would offer. Discussion surrounding ensuring alignment with MCPP values ensued. Ralph will submit a written proposal to Peter outlining objectives and financial aspects, such as venue rental. Peter will present the proposal to the Board at the next meeting.


In the interest of creating community beyond the didactic for MCPP members, Brian suggests on going consultation groups, and/or dialogue on the list serve to share reflections after presentations. Brian also suggested an experiential group therapy symposium for 2021, for which he will submit a proposal to Peter.

Respectfully submitted by Eve Avrin

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