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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes November 2018

University Club

East Lansing, MI

November 18, 2018

9am – 10:30am

Present:   Sonya Freiband, Ralph Hutchison, Lisa Larson, Peter Wood, Brian Ashin, Alice Michael, Mary Nowack, Peg Sweet, Karen Weber, Debra Hutton

Secretary: D. Hutton

The minutes of the meeting of October 21, 2018 were approved.      

President: S. Freiband encouraged board members and participants of the current MCPP courses to attend the December 5th gathering at her home to discuss next steps and direction for course work offerings for Fall, 2019. Topic to be covered would be an evaluation of the current format, and incentives to attract teachers among others.

Annual Retreat: Peg Sweet and Mary Nowack presented an option for the June retreat. They suggested The English Inn as a location that would be between both Lansing and Ann Arbor. The cost would be $1,500. Many of the venues contacted were already booked with weddings and other engagements. A suggestion was made to move the retreat to June 2nd.

MCPP Community: The policy of appropriate topics for the MCPP listserve were reviewed and the MCPP listserve policies are in line with those of other mental health communities

Collaboration with MPA: There is an opportunity to collaborate with MPA regarding insurance liasons and BC/BS and BCN reimbursement of analysis. MCPP members were asked if they would want to be part of this committee. Joy Ensler will be contacting MPA. Michael Schulman has written a letter rebuking the assertion that analysis is not evidence based, which has been the premise of the reduction in insurance reimbursement. (BCN no longer accepts a code for analysis, BC/BS has reduced the reimbursement to $100/hour)

Psychology CE Update: Sonya Freiband, Alice Michael and Debra Hutton will work on a rewrite for the APA application for CE credits by the December 9th deadline. Appreciation was given to Sonya, Alice, Debra and Ralph for their work on this.

President Elect: Appreciation for the service of Peter Wood who has stepped up to be president-elect this year, and president in the fall of 2019

Treasurer: Kerry Warren had provided, by email, the treasurer’s report to the board. The report indicates that MCPP is in sound financial shape.

Membership: Lisa Larson has cleaned up the membership list to more accurately reflect the current membership. She has sent out a request for members to update any incorrect contact information. She has also sent out a reminder for the 2019 membership dues, and is planning to send another before the end of the year.

Education/Training: Peg Sweet and Peter Wood will be working together to create an evaluation for the current course offerings. Questions regarding compiling the statistics for APA review were discussed. The pro’s and cons of using Zoom for course offerings were discussed.

Programs: Karen Weber reviewed the outline for the upcoming March Symposium, in David Freiband’s absence. The presenters will be Lisa Larson and Cate DesJardins. Registration will begin at 8:30 and last until 9:00. The event will rin from 9:00 AM until 1:30 PM with ½ hour breaks. Fees to be determined. Larry Friedberg, Ph.D. will present a child or adolescent case for the May meeting.

Elections: Board members, whose terms expire this year, were asked to let Mary Beth know if they will be wanting to run again next year. Board members were also encouraged to ask other MCPP members to run for board positions.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30am.


NOTES respectfully submitted by Debra Hutton, board secretary.

Note: it is MCPP policy that Board meetings are open to all MCPP members. Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MCPP members may speak at meetings, time permitting.

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