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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes November 2014

Michigan League

Ann Arbor, MI

November 16, 2014

9am – 10:30am

Present:   David Klein, Reena Liberman, Michael Rudy, Ralph Hutchison, Lisa Larson, Robert Hooberman, Marilyn Frye, Alice Michael, Cynthia Hockett, Marybeth Atwell, Sonya Freiband, Maryanne Beltzman, Peter Wood


1.  Secretary:  A. Michael 

The minutes of the meeting of October 18, 2014 were approved.


2. President:  D. Klein 

Continued discussion of the administrative/secretarial support needs of the organization. 

Discussion created consensus that Board would like to have a new administrative secretary.   Details about the duties that person would perform were discussed, Liberman raised the importance of having skills with website administration tasks.  Hockett detailed Programs needs for administrative support.  Larson suggested a consultant to train Board members in some tasks.

Michael Rudy agreed to be the point person for this process – please forward leads or ideas to him.

Prior arrangements were for payment per hour and as needed.  Noted the need to generate a job description to circulate.

Library:  Shared ideas about ways to distribute books to the community.  

Ideas include bringing books to Sunday meetings for sale vs voluntary donations vs free.  Kay Sorrell was previously willing to do library related work, and transportation of the books became onerous.   Suggestion that administrative assistant could help with sale of books on Ebay or other distribution sites.  Question raised as to whether MPC members would be willing to identify books that may have more significant resale value.  


3.  President Elect: S. Freiband

Access Program updates: 4 people are currently becoming involved – 2 are already set up with supervisors.  There is good feedback so far from the participants.

Freiband conferred with legal consultant at APA to confirm that the program understands the malpractice/liability issues.  Supervisees need to carry their own liability insurance, and there is less risk if they are affiliated with an agency.  Supervisors should check with their own malpractice insurance to be sure they are covered for supervisory activities.  

Plans for additional recruitment reviewed. Working out the details of the program and ways to facilitate the match.  Enthusiasm expressed for the program.


4.   Past President:  B Waiess   (not present)

Klein offered message from Waiess that the State of Michigan may now require CEUs for pain management among psychologists, and suggests that it would be an opportunity for MPC.


5. Education and Training:  Peter Wood 

Candidate forum happened on Nov 2nd.  

- Discussed question of stipends for teachers: Brief historical overview of payment for those who teach MPC courses.  Wood offered observations that, generally, teachers appear to be motivated to teach for reasons unrelated to financial compensation.  

Wood motions to “return to the policy of giving teachers an honorarium of $100 for courses taught”.  Hockett seconds the motion.  Hutchison offers a friendly amendment to offer $100 stipend for teaching a course, and incentive of 50% payment to teachers for all students enrolled beyond a threshold (5-7 students) that are brought into the course.  Policy change would begin as of Fall 2015.”   Rudy seconds the amendment.  Continued discussion of pros/cons of different approaches to compensation and what is feasible for the organization.  

Liberman requests the opportunity to pull together some numbers to evaluate the percentage best offered to teachers to serve the needs of the organization.  Motion “to table the motion until next months’ meeting with numbers to consider best course of action”.   Motion seconded.  Board resolved to take up this matter at the January meeting.

Resolution of the issue is to confirm that to teach a course one must be a member.


6. Programs: Cynthia Hockett    

Hockett informed the Board that she will not run again for the position of Programs Chair for 2015. She asked for volunteers to seek cost effective locations for Sunday meetings in Ann Arbor and East Lansing, as well as consideration of who might be interested in running to be the new Programs Chair.


7.  Treasurer:  M Rudy 

Review of attachments sent to the Board:

(1) Networth:.  stable

(2) Cashflow:   honorarium and meeting expenses are the top 2 expenses.  Checks written to attorney and IRS for application for 503(c).  

(3) transaction report: quiet recently, but will be busy in the membership season.

(4) funds transmittal form working well so far.  R Hatton is informed. 

(5)  good plan for payment of the supervisors in coordination with Frieband.

(6)  can remove google checkout from the reports – no longer exists, per Liberman


8. Certification:  Liberman    no report


9.  Candidate Representative:  Rudy

Meeting Nov 2 went well.


10.  Committee Reports:

501(c)3: Reena Liberman  

Application gone to the IRS, we are awaiting a response – up to 6 months.  Gratitude expressed to Liberman.  Atwell and Rudy thanked for their assistance in the process.


Membership: Lisa Larson

3 new members this fall.  

Liberman and Larson have drafted the membership renewal letters to go out.  

Raised the question of how best to handle mid-year registrations.  It was determined that first time membership registrations that come in after the start of the next fiscal year (Sept 1) should be applied to the following calendar year’s membership dues.  Clarified that those non-members enrolled in an MPC course are offered a free year of membership with enrollment, one time only.

Larson expressed interest coordinating a course/set of courses aimed at recent graduates or other possible members as recruitment tools for the organization.   

Continues to consider ways to make use of the newsletter as a membership recruitment tool.


Visiting Professor: Robert Hooberman

Ken Corbett coming spring 2015; considering venue options.  The date of the event is Thursday March 19th.


Professional and Community Development: (vacant)


Website: Reena Liberman


Elections: Marybeth Atwell 

Getting ready to send out survey for fall elections.  There continue to be several open positions without members who are interested in running. Examples of the importance of word of mouth ways to recruit for positions were offered.


CEUs: Marybeth Atwell (interim)  no report.


Accreditation: Karen Baker

Registrar: Rebecca Hatton

Bulletin: Diane Burgermeister

Newsletter: Barbara Gamble

Gender and Diversity: Ellen Toronto

Parliamentarian and Bylaws: Elizabeth Waiess

Ombudsperson: Lynne Tenbusch

MPC Members-At-Large:  

Marybeth Atwell  MaryAnne Beltzman

Marilyn Frye  Robert Hooberman

Ralph Hutchison  Lisa Larson 


Old Business/ New Business:

Recess of meeting called by D Klein at 10:10  am

Recess is ended at 10:27am.


Frye motions : “to endorse a by law change for the name of the organization to become “Michigan Council for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.”   Rudy seconded the motion.  Passed unanimously.  


Meeting adjourned at 10:31am.  

NOTES respectfully submitted by Alice Michael, board secretary.


Note:  it is MPC policy that Board meetings are open to all MPC members.  Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MPC members may speak at meetings, time permitting.

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