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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes November 2009

University Club

East Lansing, Michigan

November 15, 2009



MPC Executive Board members:  M. Anderson, A. Brickman, S. Freiband, D. Gartland, R. Hutchison, B. Klein, B. Lepisto, M. Meisels, P. Orosan-Weine, M. Stirling-Doherty, B. Waiess, J. Wixom, P. Wood, S. Zager


MPC Members, Committee Chairs and Representatives: K. Ahbel-Rappe, M. Atwell,   L. Pierce, J. Rahn


I.  Secretary’s Report – Diane Gartland

                   -  Minutes from the September meeting was approved with corrections.

                   -  Two items were approved by email due to time considerations.

                   A motion was made and carried that the dues statement for 2010 has been                   distributed, that the only major change was the addition of a fee of $100 for                   MPC certification as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and that no further                   action need be taken on dues statements for this coming year.                    A motion was made and carried that the Board approved an on line motion                   for the 2010 retreat to be held the weekend of June 4-6 at the Maumee Bay Resort                   and Conference Center in Maumee, Ohio.


III.  Treasurer’s Report – Mary Ann Stirling-Doherty

                  -     25 to 30 individuals have paid their dues.  Current MPC assets are:  Operating fund -                        $19,673.74, Anne Cunningham Library Fund - $3753.05, Development Fund -                        $32,951.84 for a total of $56,378.63 compared to last November's total of                        $60,930.75.


II.  President’s Report – Murray Meisels  

-       Parliamentary procedure will not be continued on line.  Dr. Art Brickman will function as Parliamentarian. 

-       Dr. Meisels proposed that we will need an Ombudsperson to function as intermediary for anyone who wants to bring issues to the Board and would function as a liaison between subcommittees. Dr. Pamela Orosan-Weine functions as the liaison/program coordinator between candidates and members of the Board

-       Dr. Meisels proposed that we have a regular integrated annual meeting with MSPP and MISIPS.  Mr. Bruce Klein will function as a liaison between the three groups to facilitate such a meeting. 

-       Dr. Meisels identified the Retreat Program committee as consisting of Dr. Sonya Freiband as chair, Mr. Bruce Klein and Ms. Mary Ann Stirling-Doherty.

-       Dr. Meisels thanked Past President Dr. Brenda Lovegrove-Lepisto for disseminating psychoanalytic psychotherapy outcome research to the membership.


IV.  Training and Certification Committee - Peter Wood

                  -     Mr. Wood presented the proposal for the Grand parenting requirements for the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program. A motion was made and carried that the grand parenting requirements for the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy program be approved.  They are in effect until July 1, 2010.

                  -     Mr. Wood indicated that a candidate forum took place on November 11 and that

                        there would be a meeting in Ann Arbor on January 10 in Ann Arbor and that

                        instructors are invited to add thoughts.  He indicated that there are variations in

                        involvement in the psychoanalysis program at this point and that the training

                        would look into this further.

                  -     Dr. Meisels led a brief discussion about the possibility of having an academic or non-clinical track in the psychoanalytic program.  Dr. Ahbel-Rappe volunteered to study this idea.


V.  Program Committee - Jean Wixom

                 -      Dr. Wixom presented the final expense account for the MPC Fall Conference with Darlene Ehrenberg.  Expenses totaled $7794.52 ($2647.48 under the approved budget) and Receipts totaled $6815.00 with a cost to MPC of $979.52.  This cost was comparable to the cost in 2008 of $1002.80.   

                 -     Dr. Wixom proposed that we may want to raise the fee for the Fall Conference.  She spoke about a speaker for next year's conference and also plans for speakers for upcoming monthly meetings.  Most speaker spots are filled through spring of 2011.


VI.  Certification - Pamela Orosan-Weine

                 -     Dr. Orosan-Weine presented Dr. Gartland to the board for certification in                                     psychoanalytic psychotherapy. A motion was made and carried that Dr. Diane Gartland be certified as a  Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with MPC.


Committee Reports


A motion was made and carried approving committee chairs for the 2009-10 season.


VII.   Parliamentarian - Art Brickman defers his discussion this month in the interest of saving time for this month.


VIII.  Professional and Community Development Committee - Sonya Freiband will be distributing a questionnaire related to finding out more about members' professional backgrounds and interests in order to increase involvement within the MPC  community itself.


IX.   Retreat Committee - Sonya Freiband - A motion was made and carried that the budget of $2575 for the MPC retreat at Maumee Bay Resort be approved.


X.    Membership - Laura Pierce - Dr. Pierce indicated that the cost of the directory was $313. 


XI.   Elections - Marybeth Atwell - Nomination forms have been sent out for elections to office for the coming year(s)


VIII.   Old Business

    - A discussion ensued regarding the doctoral project proposal by Mariana Cracium.  It was generally agreed that a vote on approval of the project proposal by the Board will be deferred until the candidates have a chance to meet with Ms. Cracium and sanction the project.  Afterwards, the board will vote on the proposal and this could be done on line if necessary.

    - Dr. Meisels will not be able to attend the meeting in January so President Elect Dr. Elizabeth Waeiss will preside over the January 17, 2010 meeting.





Respectfully submitted,

Diane M. Gartland Psy.D.

Recording Secretary

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