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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 2009

Ann Arbor City Club

Ann Arbor, Michigan


May 17, 2009



MPC Executive Board members:  A. Brickman, D. Klein, B. Lepisto, M. Meisels, R. Rosenthal, M. Stirling-Doherty, S. Trylch, J. Wixom

MPC Members, Committee Chairs and Representatives: I. Schaer, L. Tenbusch, E. Toronto  


I.  Secretary’s Report – Minutes from the April meeting were approved.


II.  President’s Report – Brenda Lepisto   

-   A new membership chair and a new member at large for the Board are needed as of July 1. There was a request for names.

-   The PCD Committee continues to look for more members

-   The Board is asked to consider the role of the moribund Publicity Committtee

-   Dr. Lepisto thanked a number of people who are completing their tenure on the Board and/or who have been particularly helpful in specific capacities over the past year.

-   Dr. Lepisto thanked the Board for flowers sent to her during her recent convalescence.


III.  Treasurer’s Report – Mary Ann Stirling-Doherty 

-    The Development Fund increased this month, a positive sign.

-    $800 is needed to renew the state social work collaborative in order to provide CEU's for MPC classes and programs; this expense has been previously approved. 


IV.  Training and Certification – Robert Hooberman

-  Dr. Hooberman thanked a number of people who have been helpful to the committee during the past year

-  A new course brochure will be coming out shortly

-  In anticipation of his new position as Recruitment committee chair, Dr. Hooberman is hoping to hold several recruitment meetings in an effort to attract new members.

-  He envisions at least one such meeting in the Lansing area.  Michelle Rivette is assisting in this effort.

-  A motion was made and carried to approve $600 toward expenses involved in recruitment.


V.  Anniversary Party

-  At the time of the this meeting, 54 people had bought tickets for the May 22 Anniversary Party.  Memory books will be given to the MPC members in attendance. The book is available for purchase by others.  The schedule of events for the party was discussed.            


VI.  MPC Newsletter


-  Dr. Tenbusch reported, for Sheila Wasung that the next edition of the newsletter would be cancelled due to publication of the Memory Book.




Respectfully submitted,

Diane M. Gartland Psy.D.

Recording Secretary 

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