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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes March 2014

Michigan Union

Ann Arbor MI

March 16, 2014

Present: MPC Board members: D. Klein, S. Freiband, R. Hutchison, R. Hooberman, M. Rudy, R. Liberman, A. Michael, C. Hockett., P. Wood, E. Waiess , M. Atwell


1. Secretary: Alice Michael

The minutes of the meeting of February 16, 2014 were approved.


2. President: David Klein

-     Klein will be out of town for the May meeting, S Freiband will chair the meeting

-     Letter was sent to L Hoffman with thanks for his library donation. Question about how to coordinate bringing books to sell at Sunday meetings – Peter Wood and Brenda Lepisto (for child meeting) will bring relevant books for future meetings.

-     Banquet update: Art Brickman can host if date is moved to Sunday May 31st. Agreed to have banquet on that date at his house.

-    Allen Creek Preschool sent an invitation to MPC to purchase an ad in their annual fundraising event (Dining 4 Kids). Board agreed to purchase ½ page. Liberman/Freiband to coordinate on developing the ad, and to ask K Baker for input.



3. President Elect: Freiband

 - Reviewed the initial proposal developed for the low fee supervision and analysis. Discussion of its viability, interest among possible participants, issues of liability and responsibility, as well as how to advertise it, and whether to give it a name.

 Motion to accept the proposal. Clarification that this is an Ad-hoc committee, and procedure that follows.

- Clarification of next steps resulted in an amendment to the motion “to send the draft back to the committee for further development”, including Freiband’s plan to: send it to certified members to see who would like to participate as a supervisor or analyst, develop a list of available members, and clarify details such as how interested parties will be matched with a supervisor. The amended motion was approved unanimously. Gratitude expressed for the efforts of the committee, which includes S. Freiband, D. Freiband and C. Symer.


4. Membership: Janet Boyer  (not present)

Boyer sent email read to the Board: She will give Liberman the final spread sheet with membership updated.

To date, n = 96. Mailing list updated and forwarded to Paper Image.

Waiess reported that the new member luncheon went really well, good turn out and a great time.

Thanks J Boyer for organizing it!


5. Education and Training: Peter Wood:   no report

Klein raised question of whether PCD is becoming absorbed by the revised structure for Ed and Training, discussion options and advantages of keeping them conceptually coordinated but separate.


6. Programs: Cynthia Hockett

- Pat Gibbs not able to present next month, so it was decided to cancel the April 6th meeting. Board will meet at S Freiband’s home.

- All dates for next year are filled but for October. The April meeting occurs on the same weekend as the Breggin conference. October could be an opportunity for an open meeting to the community to consider organizational health and changes.

- Klein expressed gratitude on behalf of the Board for Hockett’s work

- Raised the question of continuing to hold the April meeting in Detroit.


7. Treasurer: Michael Rudy

Brief review of net worth and budget issues.

-        Audit of the Wachtel conference: Frieband. Liberman and Rudy have been reviewing records and receipts for the conference to reconcile discrepancies.   Gratitude expressed for this effort.

-        Wood raised issue of how to adequately support the treasurer position to make it a reasonable scope of responsibility for one person, or to recruit another person to help share the responsibilities.


8. Certification: Reena Liberman no report


9. Past-President: Elizabeth Waiess

Raised the possibility of MPC being a co-sponsor of the April 2015 Empathic Therapy conference. The other sponsor is the Center for the Study of Empathic therapy, Education and Living, headed by Peter Breggin, MD. Provided additional details about the conference, and discussion of pros/cons of MPC participation. Agreed to seek more information about the content of the conference and postpone decision.


10. Candidate Representative: Michael Rudy  no report


11. Committee Reports:

Visiting Professor Status: (Hooberman)  K Zerbe presenting this Thursday. Low turnout thus far (11 people). Will announce at the beginning of the meeting today to boost numbers.   Can also use development funds to offer subsidized seats to interested students.

Waiess motions “graduate students from local universities will be extended an opportunity to attend. Fund will come from the MPC budget”. Ideas of relevant institutions to contact should be sent to R Hooberman.   Seconded by Liberman.   Unanimously approved.


Programs: (Liberman) no report


Elections:   (Atwell)

Big election coming up this year – many positions will be open so we will need many people interested in serving.


Registrar: (Hatton) no report

Waiess asked for an update about the process of accreditation. Brief progress update provided.


New Business: none


Wood moved to recess the meeting, Hockett seconded. Vote to recess meeting unanimous. (recess begun at 10:15am).  Recess ended at 10:29am. Motion to adjourn the meeting given and seconded.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30am.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Alice Michael, board secretary.


Note: it is MPC policy that Board meetings are open to all MPC members. Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MPC members may speak at meetings, time permitting

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