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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes March 2009

University Club

East Lansing, Michigan

March 15, 2009



MPC Executive Board members:  M. Anderson, A. Brickman, D. Gartland, R. Hooberman, B. Klein, D. Klein, B. Lepisto, M. Stirling-Doherty, R. Rosenthal, S. Trylch, B. Waiess


MPC Members, Committee Chairs and Representatives: M. Atwell, T. Bernardez,

D. Drayson, R. Hutchison, R. Liberman, B. Meisels, M. Meisels, I. Schaer, P. Wood,


I.  Secretary’s Report - Diane Gartland –Minutes from the Februrary meeting were approved.


II.  President’s Report – Brenda Lepisto – Brenda recognized several members for their hard work.  Karen Baker was recognized for her work on programs especially the recent Danto presentation.  Sheila Wasung was recognized for her work with the newsletter. 


III.  Treasurer’s Report – Mary Ann Stirling-Doherty –

Operating Fund $24,013.06

Ann Cunningham Library Fund $3733.31

Development Fund $27,809.66

Total $55,556.03


Mary Ann commented on the lessening of monies in the Operating Fund.  She has discussed with Reena Liberman the cost of receiving on line payments.  It would cost $1000 a year for Pay Pal.  If we do it we should go with Pay Pal or Google. A motion was made and carried for $1000 to be allocated to accept membership payments online.


IV.  Membership – Beth Waiess – We have 104 members, 20 less than last year.  Beth indicated that there is currently $300 in the emergency fund. 

A motion was made and carried that the committee in charge of the emergency fund be authorized to hear and rule on applications of members to waive the membership fee due to financial need.


V.  Training and Certification –Robert Hooberman – Robert indicated that enrollment in courses is down and many courses are not being taught because of this.  There was a discussion about recruiting and encouraging people to take the courses.  There is, nevertheless, a good line up of courses.  The MPI Visiting Professor will be Dr. Robert Galatzer-Levy.  As is our tradition, we will be hosting a paper reading “Understanding Greed” and a dinner at Women’s City Club 6-9 PM..  Dr. Galatzer-Levy has an impressive set of credentials and members are looking forward to the presentation.


VI.  Certification –Ruth Rosenthal – No report


VII.  Elections – Marybeth Atwell –Marybeth reported that there were 40 ballots returned and that this was the best return rate.  The following results were noted:

All amendments to the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council passed.


President (2009-2011) – Murray Meisels, Ph.D.

President Elect (2009-2011) – Elizabeth Waiess, Psy.D.

Vice President for Certification (2009-2011) – Pamela Oroson-Weine

Vice President for Education and Training (2009-2011) – Peter Wood, LMSW

Vice President for Programs (2009-2011) – Jean Wixom, Ph.D.

Member at Large, Female (2009-2012) – Sonya Frieband, Ph.D.

Member at Large, Male (2009-2012) – Ralph Hutchison, Ph.D.

Marybeth indicated that she would continue to handle the C&E credits for the Social Workers attending monthly presentations.


VII.  Anniversary  – Brenda Meisels – Brenda indicated that there is a lovely affair planned and that the committee would make do with the $3000 approved by the board. 

A motion was made and passed that MPC provide up to $750 to subsidize memebers who would like to come and find the cost prohibitive.

A motion was make and passed that the candidates be charged $40 for the anniversary party.


VIII. Website – Reena Liberman gave a brief presentation and demonstration of the new website and explained some of the enhanced features.


IX. Unfinished business – Teresa Bernardez discussed her proposal for the increased attention to group process by MPC.  A motion was placed on the floor that: The board continue to support psychoanalytic group process and self study by meeting with various subgroups of MPC and with the understanding that involvement is voluntary and that confidentiality and informed consent are fully respected. A motion was made and carried that discussion of the issue be tabled until the April meeting.



Respectfully submitted,

Diane M. Gartland Psy.D.

Recording Secretary 

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