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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes January 2019

Michigan League

Ann Arbor MI

January 20, 2019

9am – 10:30am


Present:   Sonya Freiband, David Freiband, Ralph Hutchison, Alice Michael, Debra Hutton, Mary Nowack, Brian Ashin

Secretary:  D. Hutton

The minutes of the meeting of November 18, 2018 were approved.

President:  Sonya Freiband reported that the mini-retreat on January 5, 2019 was very productive. Eight people attended and gave feedback and direction for the course offerings for Fall 2019. It was decided to repeat the offerings of 2019/19 continuing the online format. In addition, a Case Conference format for existing students, or students with the same commensurate level of knowledge would also be offered. The year long course would be divided into 4 different disciplines: Ego Psychology, Object Relations, Self Psychology and Relational Psychology. Each module would be 7 weeks in length. At the retreat the subject of increasing the pay for teachers was discussed and was brought to the board for additional discussion and approval. Debra Hutton proposed that teachers be paid $100/class when the enrollment is 5 students or more and $50.00/class when the enrollment is 3 or 4 students. A class will not be held if there are less than 3 enrolled students. Alice Michael seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously with one abstention.

Psychology CEs: The resubmission for accreditation to offer CEs was turned in on December 2nd. A response in April is expected.

Self-Study Retreat and Banquet: Peg Sweet and Mary Nowack have secured the University Club in East Lansing for the Self-Study Retreat. The retreat will be held on June 1st, 2019 with a banquet to follow. Discussion regarding the venue for the banquet following the retreat revealed that most of the board members did not have a preference as to whether to hold it in a separate location, or to keep it at the Union Club.

An email will be sent to invite MCPP members to participate in a committee that would determine the topics and themes of self-study and the methodology to be used. Some topics raised were social justice, reenergizing the organization while remaining true to our mission, and the use of play to strengthen the bonds between members and the organization.

Treasurer: Keri Warren submitted the Treasurer’s Report earlier in the week vis email. Our current bank balance is robust due to the receipt of membership dues and class fees. Board members were encouraged to think about someone to fill this role when Keri steps down at the end of her term.

Membership: Sonya reported for Lisa Larson. To date we have 58 renewed memberships. ( 2 more than last year at this time.) Another email to encourage renewals will be sent shortly. Additionally, personal emails may be sent to those individuals who typically renew but have not done so.

Programs: David Freiband reported that the March 17th Symposium is going well and the brochures  have been mailed. Speakers, discussants and a moderator have been secured. Registration will be from 8:30 to 9:00 and the program will run from 9:00 to 1:30 with a half hour break between cases. Karen Weber will keep track of registration. The program will offer 4 CEs for psychologists and social workers. Board members have agreed to reach out to mental health organizations in the area to publicize the symposium. David will send out a reminder email to encourage a prompt follow through.

The May, 2019 meeting will feature Larry Friedberg, Ph.D. who will be presenting Therapeutic Assessment with a Difficult Adolescent: So Crazy and Dramatic.

The programing for 2019/2020 is being developed now. Please let David know if you, or someone you know, would like to present.

Visiting Professor: The Visiting Professor lecture and dinner will host Neville Symington on Tuesday, April 9th from 6 to 9 PM. at Mediterrano. Robert Hooberman is spearheading the event.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30am. 

NOTES respectfully submitted by Debra Hutton, board secretary.

Note:  it is MCPP policy that Board meetings are open to all MCPP members.  Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MCPP members may speak at meetings, time permitting.

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