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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes January 2016

Michigan League, Ann Arbor MI

January 10, 2016

9am – 10:30am




Present: Sonya Freiband, David Freiband, David Klein, Michael Rudy, Ralph Hutchison, Robert Hooberman, Maryanne Beltzman, Debra Hutton, Alice Michael

1. Secretary: A. Michael
The minutes of the meeting of November 2015 were approved.

2. President: S. Freiband

  • -  The Foundations course has 8 students, “a mature/motivated/thoughtful group”, per Karin Ahbel- Rappe, which is going very well according to both instructor and students. Rudy shared positive comments about the structure and learning. Class list will be used to invite these members to take the spring course as well.

  • -  Next class will be taught by M. Rivette in the spring (Psychopathology & Assessment).

  • -  Hopes to establish a cohort of students for the fall: discussed courses to prioritize (eg,

    Development sequence - need to recruit instructor(s)). Brief discussion of challenges of

    schedules for students and instructors.

  • -  As Board currently serves as the training director, Freiband asked for a volunteer to coordinate

    application process for interested applicant: R Hooberman to do so.

  • -  Retreat Planning: M Beltzman will coordinate the locale. Brief introduction of the retreat

    process/opportunity for self study to the organization. Format: Saturday meetings, Saturday

    night banquet, Sunday morning board meeting. Board will set the agenda this spring.

  • -  Initial brainstorming about self-study items for the retreat: (a) SFreiband: assess whether there

    is organizational interest in the training program/in what form/in what ways. She suggests surveying membership to ask about interest in teaching in particular, and interest in the ways to participate in the organization more generally (b) Hutton - Identity of MCPP: what is unique to MCPP and how to we distribute information to students and others about our identity, (c) RHooberman: B Dauphin re MSPP - more general issues of volunteerism nation-wide.

  • -  Locale for retreat: reviewed prior venues - (Homestead, Maumee, MSU facilities), discussed costs and cost structure for participants, as well as question of variables that contribute to participation (cost, location, others). Roughly 1/4 of the membership has attended retreats in the past. Dates: June 4-5.

  • -  Secretary: Joulianna has relocated to Mississippi, raised the question of whether we should re- think secretarial support to be local. Will give this some time to consider, and evaluate how well it can work with this geographic distance, given than many of her duties are web-based.


CEU accreditation for Psychologist process: Hutchison provided an overview of the process and his progress thus far. He needs input from those who have taught or run programs to collect needed information (objectives, CVs, references). DUE DATE Feb 19th or we can aim for a fall 2016 application; 3-4 month delay between application and ability to begin to offer CEUs. Freiband, Klein, and Hooberman will all respond to Hutchison’s request for information. Discussed delegation of tasks to gather information needed, and resources to consult with about the process. Board expressed appreciation to Hutchison for his efforts in coordinating and creating a draft of the application. Plan to attempt to meet the Feb deadline.

3. President Elect: not filled

4. Past President: D. Klein

Evangeline Spindler asked Klein to announce that Curt Spindler died on December 5, 2015. Raised the idea that the Board could contribute to the Foundation in his memory. Discussed. Motion to send $100 from MCPP to the foundation in memory of Curt Spindler by D Klein. Seconded by S Freiband. Unanimously passed.

Foundation report: $3800 in foundation currently, $2,150. was raised by solicitation sent at the end of the year. The Foundation funds the Access program, so it will run out of money at current pace of the Access spending.
Idea was floated of finding individual or group/company sponsors of the Access program. Sponsors could be solicited for specific support (eg, a donation of $x funds low fee supervision for a recent graduate for x months) as a way to recruit funds. General consensus that this is a good idea.

5. Treasurer: M Rudy

- Brief report on effects of recent market fluctuation on funds.
- Membership $ is coming in.
- Raised the question of proactive vs response budgeting within the organization, and ideas about growth of the organization. S Freiband noted a shift towards more proactive budget reports from committees each fall as committee leadership becomes more robust again.
- File/Records update: archival question of keeping records that are beyond 7 years old/10 years old. Decision to destroy financial records over 10 years, and to pull out for saving anything of historical note.

6. Membership: L Larson (not present) S Freiband reports:

  • -  Membership letter needs to, and will soon be, sent out to existing members

  • -  Renewals have begun to come in (n = 26)

  • -  Group supervision (D Freiband/Larson) - update about the status of whether the supervision

    will run starting next week. Monica Sachs (attorney) approached Larson about having a therapist come to talk with clients about narcissism. Brief discussion of the possible merits of doing so.

7Programs: D Freiband

  • -  Tom Barrett (from Hannah Perkins, now at the Chicago school of professional psychology) - will present on adolescent loneliness for the May meeting. Thanks to D Hutton for facilitating the contact.

  • -  Peter Wood on internal objects and narcissistic pain for the February meeting.

  • -  Venues/dates are reserved for next year (2016-2017)

  • -  2 people have committed to present for next year - raised the question of how to solicit speakers.

    D Hutton agreed to brainstorm with D Freiband.

  • -  October as a potential student/recent graduate themed meeting with an open house.

-  Question of pulling together a larger conference for the fall 2016. Consensus was to not rush

into pulling it together for 2016, but to consider ideas for fall 2017.



8. Education and Training: vacant
Certification: Liberman
Candidate Representative: Rudy

11. Committee Reports:

501(c)3Reena Liberman
Membership: Lisa Larson
Visiting Professor: Robert Hooberman
Professional and Community Development: (vacant) Website: Reena Liberman
Elections: Marybeth Atwell
CEUs: Marybeth Atwell (interim)
Accreditation: Karen Baker
Registrar: Rebecca Hatton
Bulletin: Diane Burgermeister
Newsletter: Barbara Gamble
Gender and Diversity: Ellen Toronto Parliamentarian and Bylaws: Elizabeth Waiess Ombudsperson: Lynne Tenbusch

MPC Members-At-Large:
Marybeth Atwell, MaryAnne Beltzman, Marilyn Frye Robert Hooberman, Ralph Hutchison, Lisa Larson



Old Business/ New Business:

Hooberman: report on conversation with B Dauphin re MSPP. Ideas about connections between the organizations. Also ideas of ways for MCPP members to offer “a taste” of psychoanalytic thinking to students at different graduate schools. Hooberman is going to speak to students at UDM, opportunities to talk with externs at UM Dearborn/Hutton’s program.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35am.

NOTES respectfully submitted by Alice Michael, board secretary.

Note: it is MCPP policy that Board meetings are open to all MCPP members. Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MCPP members may speak at meetings, time permitting.

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