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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes January 2015

University Club East Lansing, MI

January 18, 2015

9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Present: David Klein, Elizabeth Waiess, Michael Rudy, Ralph Hutchison, Lisa Larson, Robert Hooberman, Marilyn Frye, Cynthia Hockett, Marybeth Atwell and Sonya Freiband

1. Secretary (Waiess standing in for A. Michael)
The minutes of the November 16, 2014 meeting were approved with the following change. Under Membership the last sentence should read as follows. 
Clarified that those non-members enrolled in an MPC course are offered a free year of membership with enrollment, one time only.


2. President David Klein

A. regarding Administrative Secretary position, Michael Rudy has contacted an individual who is interested in the position. With further discussion of the Board, it was decided to wait on filling the position until Reena Lieberman can be present to describe computer-related responsibilities of the position. In addition,Board members are asked to list their needs at a future meeting in regards to the Administrative Secretary .
B. regarding Newsletter, Barb Gamble has submitted her resignation as editor. Discussion followed regarding alternatives to the Newsletter including increased use of the existing listserv.
C. regarding Library/books, Klein would like to experiment with bringing books to meetings and putting them on sale to attendees. Hooberman suggested that a donation be requested. There was consensus by the Board that this can be put into action.
D. Alison Bechdel, memoirist, will be a lecturer at Michigan Theatre on January 22 at 5:10 p.m. This information will be posted for MPC membership.


3. President Elect Sonya Freiband

Regarding the Access Program, 3 professionals are actively using supervision through the program. Freiband reported that she recently consulted with 5 interns at Eastern Michigan U internship site regarding psychoanalysis and provided information about the Access Program. This was met with enthusiasm by the interns. Discussion followed regarding how to reach interns from other programs and schools.


4. Past President Elizabeth Waiess : No report


5. Education and Training Peter Wood:  Not present/no report


6. Programs Cynthia Hockett

A. Hockett indicated the need for a Vice President to pick up work she will not be able to complete for the 2015-16 program.
B. The Board needs to make a decision regarding venues and expenses.

Board discussion followed with the following consensus: Hooberman suggested that venues be kept as is” for the coming academic year, and that U Club meals be used as an opportunity for outreach (that MPC will foot the bill for prospective new members). Hockett will schedule rooms for the 2015-16 program year and Hooberman will assist with speakers. A joint meeting with MPI has been proposed and the Board generally supported this venture.


7. Treasurer Michael Rudy

The treasurers report will be ready by this coming Friday for the Board regarding 501c3 coming online, Rudy thought this might provide a richer base of funding. He noted that the board has been tapping into the Development Fund and that it would seem that MPC could now build the Development Fund base. Specifically, he would propose putting funds into Membership and engagement in order to continue the life of the organization.


8. Certification Reena Liberman:  Not present/no report

9. Candidate Representative Michael Rudy
Rudy reported that he needed another training case in order to progress in the program. Specific Board members will follow up with him in order to assist.

10. Committee Reports
A. 501c3 Klein for Lieberman
The IRA moved astonishingly fast to approve the 501c3 for MPC.
Paypal Donations” is now set up on the website and a bank account is set up for the Michigan Psychoanalytic Foundation. So far, 4 donations totaling $2,075 have been made. Klein requested direction from the board on how to acknowledge the donations. He was asked to write a letter to those who made donations which would also serve as confirmation for tax purposes. Lieberman asked whether the other funds (Development, Cunningham Library and Emergency) could be brought under the Foundation. After some discussion, it was determined that Development and Cunningham Library funds meet the criteria for the Foundation, however, the Emergency Fund does not.
Hutchison asked to see a policy statement regarding use of the Foundation funds.

B. Membership Lisa Larson
Membership renewal information has gone out. Larson asked that the Treasurer and Membership coordinate on Paypal renewals. Frye suggested a reminder to renew. Larson would like to know what the 2015-16 course offerings will be.

C. Visiting Professor Robert Hooberman

Ken Corbett will be the Visiting Professor on March 19, to be held at the Mediterrano Restaurant on State Street in Ann Arbor. There will be a $1,000 minimum charge for MPC involvement in Visiting Professor this year. The Board supported Hoobermans request to provide free meals to interested college students as well as Freibands request involving the Access Program. Someone will need to introduce Corbett.

D. Elections Marybeth Atwell

Atwell has received one response from the membership regarding her request for nominees. Discussion followed regarding how to find members who are willing to serve on the Board. Freiband will send out a letter to the membership inviting those who are interested in Board work to let her know.

Klein then asked for any further committee reports. There being none, the Board took up the New Business of a letter from one of the MPC members regarding the proposed organization name change. The consensus of the Board was that the motion that was passed at the November meeting will stand with no amendment. Klein will compose a letter to the member.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.
Notes submitted by Elizabeth Waiess sitting in for Alice Michael, Secretary. 

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