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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes February 2017

Michigan League

Ann Arbor MI

February 19, 2017

9am – 10:30am

Present:   Sonya Freiband, David Freiband, David Klein, Michael Rudy, Ralph Hutchison, Lisa Larson, Robert Hooberman, Marilyn Frye, Keri Warren, Alice Michael, Debra Hutton

1. Secretary:  D. Hutton

The minutes of the meeting of January 15 2017 were approved with one minor revision.

2. President:  S. Freiband

(a) June Banquet planning:

M Frye shared options for June 3 annual banquet in E Lansing.  Will check on a couple of options in Old Town, consider music as well.  M Frye and P Wood will continue to identify and secure venue.  M Atwell may help with invitations.  

(b) Election issues: Training Director position needed, as well as Certification and Member(s) at Large.

Discussed options for how to proceed regarding the training program generally, and how to approach options for the Director of Training.  Brainstormed regarding different potential pathways and their pros/cons (eg, approach relational analysts to assess their interest, phase out training for now, hold an “analysts’ meeting on an upcoming Sunday to discuss the future of the program and assess interest in teaching/playing a role within it).

P Sweet has expressed interest in assuming this role. 

It was decided to:

Hold a Sunday analyst meeting to gauge interest in teaching and program viability

Continue to discuss role with P Sweet - Larson and Warren expressed willingness to serve as committee members to help with the tasks of the office.

3. President Elect: vacant

4. Past President: D. Klein

Preparations for the March Symposium:

Hutton re: Brochures issue discussed regarding the potential need to reprint with updated wording for APA. Discussed various ways to handle this, and clarified the necessary changes.  Discussed dissemination options to those not affiliated with MCPP,  and hard copy vs electronic brochures available.  Determined that it is not necessary to re-print brochure with APA changes, but important to continue to disseminate broadly.  Brainstormed opportunities to expand this.  Contacting K Baker regarding connections may be useful. 

75 extra brochures printed currently.  n = 11 registrations received so far. 

Foundation report of $5700.  D Klein expressed gratitude for the donation made in honor of his mother from the Board to the Foundation.

5. Treasurer:  K. Warren

  • - Noted report she sent to members.
  • - Raised issue of honorarium for those who teach courses - discussed and resolved issue of how to handle it when more than one teacher for a course.  Outcome was an agreement that each teacher shall receive $100 per course, including co-teaching arrangements.
  • - Notes she is working on tax prep, and consulted with Schwab to determine that MCPP is not impacted by tax code changes of the current administration.
6. Membership:  L Larson

N=74 current members.  Plans to do another mass mailing to recruit those who have not yet renewed, along with a few specific solicitations.

Shared inspiration for a symposium featuring Jonathan Shedler (U Colorado).  Discussed broad appeal of this prospect, and initial steps to take to determine viability.  Larson to consult with M Rivette to consider the scope of planning needs, and Hutton to consult regarding honorarium. 

7. Education and Training:  S Freiband, interim

Plans for 2017-18:

  • - Lynn Tennebush will teach the  Gender and Sexuality course
  • - S Freiband is arranging the case conference
8. Programs: D Freiband
  • - Reported on a promising new location for East Lansing meetings (at the Union) which should work well and save on cost. 
  • - Reviewed status of programs for 2017-18 series - 3 slots are filled, 2 for E Lansing (P Gibbs and B Karron) and one for Ann Arbor (Ellen Toronto).  Soliciting ideas for other presenters.
  • - Offered the idea of inviting Alfred Margulies MD (Boston/PINE) to give a talk - potentially on trauma using a painting as metaphor. 
9. Candidate Representative:  Rudy
  • - Offered gratitude for S Freiband’s efforts in assisting his progress through the program
  • - Noted his positive experience within his supervision currently.  

10. Committee Reports:

Visiting Professor: Robert Hooberman

  • - Fred Busch will present (Feb 28th) on Reverie.  RSVP n = 13 so far.

CEUs:   R Hutchison continues to work out the details for offering CEUs for Psychologists.

MPC Members-At-Large:   Marilyn Frye  Robert Hooberman

Ralph Hutchison , Alice Michael,  Lisa Larson, Peter Wood 

Meeting adjourned at 10:30am. 

There will be no Board meeting in March.

NOTES respectfully submitted by Deb Hutton, board secretary.

Note:  it is MCPP policy that Board meetings are open to all MCPP members.  Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MCPP members may speak at meetings, time permitting.

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