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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes February 2016

University Club

East Lansing, MI

February 21, 2016

9am – 10:30am

Present:   Sonya Freiband, David Klein, David Freiband, Michael Rudy, Ralph Hutchison, Lisa Larson, Marilyn Frye, Debra Hutton, Alice Michael, Marybeth Atwell


  1. Secretary:  A Michael

       The minutes of the January 10, 2016 meeting were approved.

2.  President:  S Freiband

Acknowledgement and deep appreciation to R. Hutchinson and the core group (Klein, S & D Freiband, Hooberman) who contributed to getting the CEU application sent in for the Feb deadline.  Hutchison posed and responded to questions about the annual approval process and ongoing tasks required (created a grievance policy/procedure, more work needed regarding the educational objectives, and ways to track feedback).  Status of the application should be known in June 2016.

3.  Past-President Elect: D. Klein

-Administrative secretary update - Liberman report via Klein that having a local person in the admin role would be preferable.  Discussed criterion for position and ways to recruit.  Discussion of tasks, need to consult with Liberman to discuss the parameters of the position.

- Report from D Burgermeister:  Bulletin is about to be mailed out.  E Medrow helped facilitate the process, as did M Rudy regarding an issue with mailing. 

- Foundation report:  status quo / $3500 in funds.

4.   Treasurer:  M Rudy

-Brief report of transactions and status, in good shape.

-Membership monies are coming in

-Coordinating with Hooberman to ensure accurate accounting of registrations for the Visiting Professor dinner/event on March 15.

5. Membership:  L Larson


41 renewals from January 1 - present.  Time to send reminder letter.

(n = 116 total on member list).

Discussion of membership fees and ways to encourage new members: Frye noted policy that membership free for 1 year for those who register for a course - outreach to current course participants to tell them of this.   Hutton:  question of setting the student fee as lower than the current rate/other incentives to help graduate students establish membership. Idea of a $15 membership fee for graduate students (rather than $40) discussed and endorsed.

Frye: “Motion for membership fee for students currently enrolled in related programs is $15 per year.”  Klein seconded.  Passed unanimously.  Larson motioned “to establish a recent graduate/new professional fee of $50 for 2 years”.  Frye seconded.  Passed unanimously.  

Important addition to “what you get for your membership” question = free CEUs for psychologists.

Frye suggested adding some encouragement towards membership on the website.  Hutton to write a student blurb to add to this - plan to discuss with Liberman and implement. 

6. Education and Training:  S Freiband


-M Rivette class (Psychopathology, symptom development and assessment) will begin 3/23. 

Discussion of enrollment.  Passed around flyers to distribute to agencies to recruit students.

Fee is $170/members, $190/non-members

-Question of status of applicant to the training program - will inquire with Hooberman.

-S Freiband shared her goal to have the Development series classes going as of Fall 2016 - working to identify instructors to take on these courses.   Ideas about marketing the benefits of teaching to those who might take on teaching roles, and supports/mentorship to those who are interested in stepping into teaching roles for the first time. Discussion of variables that are constraints and opportunities.

M. Atwell moving to Grand Rapids - outpost for opportunities there - spoke briefly about the outreach and potential opportunities there.

7.  Programs:  D Freiband

-    Attendance for Sunday programs - good in AA, more variable in EL. 

-    Of those interested in presenting for the 2016-17 year, there is disproportionate interest in presenting in AA.  Discussion of these concerns and issues and ideas of how to address them. 

-    Frye floated ideas about how to recruit/maintain a greater level of involvement and activity in East Lansing.  Brainstorm ideas of ways to tap into interested faculty/others and their potential needs.  Invite faculty to present at EL meetings as well as other, more casual outreach (meet up lunches/wine and cheese).   

-    Hutchinson:  questions of regional investments more broadly (eg, Detroit area).

-    7 people interested in presenting for next calendar year.

8.  Candidate Representative:  Rudy         

“working the program”

- needs another analytic training patient - appreciative of help to recruit someone into his practice.

10.  Committee Reports:


Visiting Professor: Robert Hooberman (not present)

S Freiband discussed the ways this meeting has been used as an open house, and encouraged thinking about others to invite. Hooberman has invited a handful of students, raised the question of inviting the 9 Access participants to join in free of cost.  Development fund could be used to support offering them free participation, per Rudy.  Discussion of costs and philosophy of offering this meeting as an open house, generally supported the idea of offering this without cost to Access program.  Hutton will recruit a set of students to attend as well.

Retreat Planning:

Atwell to help make practical arrangements.  Discussed interest in having it held close to AA (rather than as a whole weekend retreat), suggested that Tollgate conference center outside of Novi would be an appealing option for the Saturday event.  Friebands could host the Sunday board meeting at their house.  Board will set the agenda for the retreat at a future meeting. 

Website: Reena Liberman  (not present)

Suggested revision for the domain name :

Discussion of the “psa” and suggestion to change it to “psy” as less confusing and more recognizable.

Will discuss this with Liberman to see if it is available and possible to make this change.

Elections: Marybeth Atwell 

Reports that she has received 3 responses for nominations.

Discussed broader issues of volunteerism in current culture, and people to consult about ways to recruit.  Thoughts about the demographic of the membership and how to keep the organization vital and thriving.  Board members shared ideas about people they can approach to discuss needs/potential recruitment.

CEU Application process:

Hutchison reports on the process: 

-    we needed a grievance policy/he created one

-    the course objectives, and the evaluation forms will need ongoing attention to be sure we are completing these to the standards required.

-    We will need to sort out the practicalities of managing the CEUs for the Sunday meetings.  Suggestion that the table/responsibilities could be staffed by a rotation of volunteers, rather than assigned to a single person.   

MPC Members-At-Large:  

Marybeth Atwell  MaryAnne Beltzman Marilyn Frye  Robert Hooberman

Ralph Hutchison  Lisa Larson Debra Hutton

Old Business/ New Business:  none

Meeting adjourned at 10:30am. 


NOTES respectfully submitted by Alice Michael, board secretary.


Note:  it is MCPP policy that Board meetings are open to all MCPP members.  Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MCPP members may speak at meetings, time permitting.

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