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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes February 2011

Ann Arbor City Club

Ann Arbor, Michigan

February 20, 2011



MPC Executive Board members: Gartland, D., Hutchison, R., Klein, B., Meisels, M., Orosan-Weine, P., Pierce, L., Rudy, M., Wood, P.


MPC Members, Committee Chairs and Representatives: Drayson, D., Hooberman, R.


I. Secretary's Report - Diane Gartland

January meeting minutes approved with corrections


II. President's Report - Murray Meisels

- Discussed the auction for the annual dinner


-The shortage of candidates is national in scope and may mean that psychoanalysis should be expanded in scope.


-There is a call for participation for the IFPE to be held Nov. 11-13 in Fort Lauderdale. Go to for further information.


-A discussion arose over the lack of incentives for teaching and the amount of time and work involved.


-A motion was made and carried that MPC will pay all MPC teachers 50% of the tuition collections for their courses.


III. Treasurer - Michael Rudy

-Provided a hand out detailing MPC financial information

The income (mostly based on the payment of membership fees) for the month was $5,895.00 while expenditures amounted to $4516.60. Current assets are totaled at $59,738.58.


-Discussed his proposal to move the two investment accounts to Charles Schwab and Co. and, as Treasurer, to assume the role of investment advisor for MPC.


IV. Past President - Brenda Lepisto


V. President Elect Beth Waiess


VI. VP for Education and Training Report - Peter Wood

-No report


VII. VP for Programs Report - Jean Wixom

VIII. VP for Certification Report - Pamela Orosan-Weine

-No report


Committee Reports


IX. Membership - Laura Pierce

- There are two new members, one recently joined because she liked the last presentation. 25 people had difficulties with the on line payment system for membership renewal and had to complete renewal by mail.


XII. Old business

- None


XIII. New business

- The venue for the Visiting Professor (Nancy Chodorow, Ph.D.) dinner was changed to Campus Inn in downtown Ann Arbor for March 17 from 6 to 9 PM.


Meeting adjourned.




Respectfully submitted,

Diane M. Gartland, Psy.D.

Recording Secretary

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