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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes February 2010

University Club

East Lansing, Michigan

February 21, 2010 



MPC Executive Board members: S. Freiband, D. Gartland, R. Hutchison, B. Klein, B. Lepisto, P. Orosan-Weine, M. Meisels, M. Stirling-Doherty, B. Waiess, P. Wood, S. Zager


MPC Members, Committee Chairs and Representatives: M. Atwell, L. Pierce


I. Secretary’s Report – Diane Gartland

- Minutes from the January 2009 meeting was approved with corrections.         

II. Treasurer’s Report – Mary Ann Stirling-Doherty


- Current MPC assets are: Operating fund - $25,201.28, Anne Cunningham Library Fund - $3753.05, Development Fund - $33,663.49 for a total of $62,617.82 compared to last January's total of $62,345.66. There is $404.60 in the emergency fund.


III. President’s Report – Murray Meisels


- Dr. Meisels showed the board the plaque which was to be given to Dr. Bertram Karon today honoring his work for MPC.


- The agreement with Mariana Cracium has been signed and she is beginning to attend classes to observe.


- Dr. Meisels reviewed the final expenditure report received from Dr. David Klein on 2/20/10 for the 5th Volume of the Bulletin of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council. We came in under the budget of $3550 with a final cost of $2838.98.


- Dr. Meisels reminded those present of the importance of maintaining proper decorum during meetings. A brief discussion followed.


IV. VP for Education and Training Report - Peter Wood


- Mr. Wood indicated there are some spaces in next year's teaching schedule.


- Mr. Wood indicated that he would like to have a forum for teachers or prospective teachers to give them more support. He suggested some generic syllabi may need to be developed which could be augmented.


- There will be a meeting on May 2 after the T&E committee meeting to determine how the new structure will be implemented. There was a discussion regarding how prospective applicants should obtain an application for the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy program and it was determined that Mr. Wood could put these on the web site so they could be accessible to others.                


V. VP for Programs Report - Jean Wixom


- No report.


VI. VP for Certification Report - Pamela Orosan-Weine


A motion was made and carried to have $250 allocated for certificates for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist certified with MPC to be given at the June retreat.


Committee Reports 


VII. Retreat - Sonya Freiband - The retreat will be held on June 4 thru June 6 at the Maumee Bay Resort. Planning is ongoing.


VIII. Distance Learning - Reena Liberman - No report


IX.   Membership - Laura Pierce - Dr. Pierce indicated that there are currently 107 members with 1 additional new member. Two new members are interested in analytic training. Dr. Pierce will be meeting with graduate students and early career professionals to discuss advantages of MPC membership and involvement.


X. Elections - Marybeth Atwell - Elections are underway with many responses. For some reason there are more responses for uncontested positions than there have been for those which are contested.


XI. Old Business - There was a question about self study. Dr. Freiband indicated that 32 PCD initiated surveys have been returned and this will help with self study activities at the retreat.





Respectfully submitted,

Diane M. Gartland Psy.D.

Recording Secretary

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