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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes April 2015

Michigan League

Ann Arbor, MI

April 19, 2015

9am –10:30am


Present:   David Klein, Michael Rudy, Ralph Hutchison, Lisa Larson, Cynthia Hockett, Marybeth Atwell, Sonya Freiband,  Alice Michael, Maryanne Beltzman, Peter Wood

1. Secretary:  A. Michael    The minutes of the meeting of March 15, 2014 were approved with minor edits.    

2. President:  D. Klein

 -   Report on progress in identifying and hiring an administrative assistant.  Positive reviews from recommenders, review of her skill set as a good match for the organization.  Liberman also felt satisfied with her computer skills.  Motion to offer employment to the candidate by Larson, seconded by Wood.  Passed unanimously.  Klein will make the offer, Rudy will follow up to discuss compensation. 

-    By-Laws:  Jerry Brandell send in a suggestion to replace the organization for social workers to be designated under Article XII from NASW to AAPCSW.   Board agreed with, and appreciated this suggestion.  Klein noted that the review has been an  efficient and straightforward review process, Brickman will send to Klein/Atwell. 

-    Follow up on Dining for Kids ad at Allen Creek fundraiser.  Ad appeared on Saturday.

3.  President Elect: S. Freiband

-    Access program continues to grow:  recent outreach to graduating students at Madonna as a good match, as they are in need of ongoing supervision.

-    Online payment is working for Access

-    Proposal received:  Carole Symer wishes to offer a relational supervisory group to run through the access program with Jane Hassinger.  6-8 people.  Discussed the implications for the organization and whether this should be offered through the Access program, and offered through the MPC.  Review of the evolution of the development of these courses/relational offerings.   Plan to return to Symer with negotiated plan, with decision about the supervision program for next month.  Plan to convene a meeting to discuss mutual interests. 

4. Past President:  B Waiess   (not present)

5. Education and Training:  Peter Wood

-    Correction to previous report: the Dreams course DID run this winter

-    T/E received a final paper that will be reviewed and reported on next month.

-    Accreditation issue:  Peter Wood will be a representative for AAPCSW in a consortium of to consult to a plan to standardize the criterion for individual accreditation as a psychoanalyst across all academic disciplines (eg, MD, PhD, LCSW). 

-   Atwell:  Banquet update — invitations for the banquet will need to come out soon.  Question of graduation announcement, as well as fees and timing of the event.  No fee for candidates.  Online invitation.   Raffle prize contributions welcome.  


6. Programs: Cynthia Hockett   

-    Options of containing costs in meeting cites reviewed briefly.

-    October and May in EL both open for meeting talks.  Freiband:  A Margolis, in MA and presentation about trauma.  Other ideas for speakers to brainstorm. 

-    Briefly shared ideas about the Empathic Therapy conference coordination. 

7.  Treasurer:  M Rudy

-    transferred $ from MPC to the foundation this month.

-    question of one bank charge:  paypal fees allocated . Discussion of utility of paypal.  Plan to revisit with Liberman to discuss payment options and fees.

-    Fiscal year/file taxes in October.

8. Certification:  Liberman  not present

9. Candidate Representative:  Rudy   no report

10. Committee Reports:

501(c)3: Reena Liberman  not present.

Over $5k in the foundation account, per Klein.

Membership: Lisa Larson

-    Update on membership.  5-7 new members. 

-    73 current members

-    Ideas for recruitment activities:  for example, a student presentation (possible at October meeting?),  supervision groups?

Visiting Professor: Robert Hooberman   not present

Professional and Community Development: (vacant)

Website: Reena Lieberman

Elections: Marybeth Atwell   no report

Freiband - Raised the need for concrete ideas of how to run all of the organization with the possibility of fewer board members.

Program Chair duties:  could be divided into (a)venues, (b) publicity, (c) conferences. 

Training program:  brainstorm of how to maintain that function for courses. 

Discussion of how to proceed.

CEUs: Marybeth Atwell (interim)

Accreditation: Karen Baker


Bulletin: Diane Burgermeister

Newsletter: not filled

Gender and Diversity: Ellen Toronto

Parliamentarian and Bylaws: Elizabeth Waiess

Ombudsperson: Lynne Tenbusch

MPC Members-At-Large:  

Marybeth Atwell  MaryAnne Beltzman

Marilyn Frye  Robert Hooberman

Ralph Hutchison  Lisa Larson 

Old Business/ New Business:

Old Business:  Wood’s work on creating a new blurb for the website, and a historical review of the organization.  25th anniversary year so it could be a newsletter. 

Agreed to make a brief announcement at the meeting to recruit membership and board leadership. 

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 am. 

NOTES respectfully submitted by Alice Michael, board secretary.

Note:  it is MPC policy that Board meetings are open to all MPC members.  Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MPC members may speak at meetings, time permitting.

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