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MCPP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes April 2010

Ann Arbor City Club

Ann Arbor, Michigan

April 18, 2010



MPC Executive Board members: A. Brickman, S. Freiband, R. Hutchison, B. Klein, B. Lepisto, P. Orosan-Weine, M. Meisels, M. Sterling-Doherty, J. Wixom, P. Wood, S. Zager


MPC Members, Committee Chairs and Representatives:


I. Secretary’s Report – Diane Gartland


- In the absence of the secretary, the March minutes are to be reviewed at the next Board meeting.


II. Treasurer’s Report – Mary Ann Stirling-Doherty


- Current MPC assets are: Operating fund - $23,012.98, Anne Cunningham Library Fund - $3753.05, Development Fund - $35,210.70 for a total of $61,976.73.


The treasurer reports that the financial position of MPC is sound.


III. President’s Report – Murray Meisels


-The president noted the policy for non-Board members to speak at Board meetings, time permitting.


- The president endorsed the procedure of having exit interviews with those members who don't renew membership, those analysts who don't renew certification, those candidates who withdraw from candidacy and Board members upon leaving office.


- Committee chairs should submit their annual reports prior to the retreat and will have the opportunity to discuss them at the retreat.


IV. Past President - Brenda Lepisto


- The past president discussed the Sophie L. Lovinger Memorial Fund and the Sophie L. Lovinger Memorial Lecture Series.


V. VP for Education and Training Report - Peter Wood


- Adult Analysis Program

- Child Analysis Program

- Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program


VI. VP for Programs Report - Jean Wixom


- Discussed announcements of meetings from other organizations.


- Discussed joint programming with MSPP and MISIPS


- Discussed the 2010-2011 programs


A motion was made and carried that the fee for professionals for the annual Fall conference be increased to $130.00.


VII. VP for Certification Report - Pamela Orosan-Weine


Committee Reports 


VII. Retreat - Sonya Freiband

VIII. Distance Learning

IX.   Website

X.   Membership - Laura Pierce

XI.  Elections - Marybeth Atwell

XI.    Program CEU - Peter Wood - There is a need for an ADA person for CEUs for NASW


XI. Old Business


Meeting adjourned.




Respectfully submitted,

Murray Meisels, Ph.D. for

Diane M. Gartland Psy.D.

Recording Secretary

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