The Michigan Council for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy announces its new Access Program, offering an opportunity to make learning and growing affordable to interested clinicians.  We are now offering:

  • One year of supervision with an experienced psychotherapist or psychoanalyst at $25 per session;
  • Opportunities to pursue continued supervision and training in psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy at a low fee.


Take advantage of this affordable opportunity to:

  • Receive high quality, in-depth training
  • Deepen your satisfaction with your clinical work
  • Find ways to work through impasses and plateaus with your patients
  • Enhance your understanding of the treatment process with clients
  • Connect with a group of bright, curious, interested, dynamic psychotherapists and psychoanalysts
  • Improve your clinical skills and create potential for new referrals


Click here to see the list of participating MCPP psychoanalysts and psychotherapists. Please contact Sonya Freiband, Ph.D., for more information (smfreiband@gmail.com, 734-780-7885).


From psychotherapists who have benefited from the Access Program:

The Access Program for low-fee supervision was truly a blessing and instrumental to my starting and growth as a clinician. After graduate school, it was very exciting to be on my own, but it was also overwhelming knowing where to start and how to navigate the tough transition from a student to an independent professional. In that year I experienced new things and was filled with emotions that felt impossible to manage on my own. Thankfully, the Access Program helped guide and match me with an extremely skilled supervisor that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford, or even find, on my own. Through this program, and the guidance of my supervisor, I was able to establish a strong foundation in my practices as a psychologist that will forever be in the root of my work, and a great experience that I will always remember! Thank you Dr. David Klein, as well as everyone involved in, or who ever has, or will, contribute to this program! You have positively impacted my life, professional practice, and all the clients that I serve! 

- Juliann Knochel, LLP


When I entered the Master’s program in Clinical Psychology my first goal was to make it through the program and to graduate. Towards the end of the program, all of us were looking for job opportunities and ways to put to use what we had learned and applied during our educational program and practicum. While there are plenty of job opportunities, a lot of them differ from the psychodynamic program that I had chosen and attended purposely. My wish was to create an inviting and safe space where people could feel comfortable to express their thoughts and feelings. Additionally, some of the patients whom I am still seeing, had been with me for the length of the practicum and I wanted to make every effort to ensure that they could continue psychotherapy with me at a similarly low cost as they were offered at the University’s clinic. Going into private practice is a big step, especially financially. As a temporary limited licensed psychologist, I am required to seek supervision on a weekly basis. While this is a nice way of getting support and to continue learning, it can also be a costly monthly expense. Through the Access program that MCPP offers, I am able to receive low fee supervision from an experienced and wonderful licensed psychologist for one year. Not only does this help financially in building my practice but I am also able to offer treatment to patients who cannot afford a high fee for psychotherapy. To me, this is an invaluable tool during this first year as a new therapist and I am extremely grateful for it.

-  Christin Holmes, M.S., T.L.L.P.

Working with Carole helped me continue to grow as a psychotherapist. Carole was able to help me recognize the relational nature of psychotherapy and what material I bring to the sessions with my clients. She was very supportive of my work and also able to offer other approaches to consider. Carole is incredibly well read and offered a lot of evidence for her suggestions. She also suggested appropriate books and articles to further my learning. 

- Thomas L. Atkins, M.D., PLLC